People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 45

November 16, 2008



October Revolution Day Observed With Fervour

Haripada Das

THE October Revolution day was observed throughout the state by hoisting red flags and garlanding the architects of socialist revolution, in all the Party and mass organisation offices. This was followed by hall meetings in most of the district committee offices. Bijan Dhar, state secretary of CPI(M) hoisted the red flag in Party state committee office. Desher Katha, Party state organ, brought out a October Revolution special issue which got sold out like hot cakes everywhere in urban and rural areas.

In various hall meetings, it was stressed that only an anti-imperialist secular government at the centre can serve the interests of the millions of toiling masses of the country and pursue an independent foreign policy. In Agartala, at the call of the Sadar divisional committee, a jam-packed hall meeting was held. The presidium comprised of Samir Chakraborty, Chhaya Bal and Pranab Debbarma, all state committee members. It was addressed by Polit Bureau member Manik Sarkar and Bijan Dhar.

Manik Sarkar said, everywhere, it was the miniscule minority who ruled over the vast majority by means of oppression, suppression and exploitation. But the 1917 socialist revolution of the Soviet working people set a glaring example before the world that taking over the state power by the working class is possible and only the state governed by working class can ensure no exploitation of man by man. But, to nip in the bud, the imperialist world tried their utmost to strangulate the baby socialist country. Defying all hurdles, the USSR heralded worldwide, the message of liberation of the working class which resulted in emergence of a socialist bloc. Erstwhile USSR discharged great international responsibility in heroically confronting and defeating the imperialist aggression in Second World War. Explaining the dismantling of Eastern European socialist countries, Manik Sarkar said, while we have to take lessons from the Soviet Union, we must also learn from its collapse as well.

Elaborating the present national political situation, Manik Sarkar said the ruling parties are suffering one after another split and gradually disintegrating. The days of single party rule in the country is now a history. Even an alliance government fails to render stability. Taking the scope of uneven development of communist movement, right reactionary forces are making serious attempts to divide the poor working class people on religious, communal, linguistic and regional lines. Manik Sarkar emphasised building up of an alternative third platform with the parties committed to independent foreign policy, secularism and serving the interest of millions of impoverished sections of the country. Certainly this platform would be devoid of both Congress and BJP, he said. Tripura being the advance post of the communist movement in the country, it is our utmost responsibility to contribute in building the alternative platform in the days to come. We must keep in mind that still a large section of poor people are in opposite camp. We must make an attempt to win them over with a different approach of thoughts and functioning, if needed, Manik Sarkar added.

CPI(M) Central Committee member and state secretary, Bijan Dhar highlighted the present global economic crisis and its impact on India. He said, the claims about the supremacy of capitalism immediately after dismantling of the communist rule in East European countries, have now proved to be hollow. Capitalism is prone to crisis as it is based on the exploitation of labour and monopolisation of market and ultimately resorts to imperialist war for capturing market. As the US imperialism is trying to take the whole world in its grip, similarly, anti-imperialist struggles worldwide are gaining momentum. Latin America, once a colonial continent, is now an inspiration to the worldwide anti-imperialist struggles. They are challenging the US imperialism in various spheres. Even the people of America have rejected the policies of George W Bush and massively voted for Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama in the recently held presidential elections. That does not mean, he would dramatically change the main features of capitalism and abandon drive for unipolar world, Bijan Dhar said.

In conclusion, Bijan Dhar called upon the Party comrades to take the key features of the present global financial crisis to the grass root level, even to the people belonging to the opposition parties, win them over to our side and move forward towards the goal of Socialist Revolution.