People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 45

November 16, 2008




WE have before us the punishment meted out to the Hooghly district committee member of the CPI(M) and the dear leader of the people of the Singur locality, Suhrid Dutta, by the Chandernagore court.

The right-thinking persons of Bengal inclusive of those residing in Singur and in Hooghly know it full well that the enemies of workers-peasants and of the democratic movement along with the urban and rural stakes have always taken recourse to a varying kind of malafide tactics and violent acts of commission since time immemorial.

It is this force that is engaged yet at Singur in violent and conspiratorial moves to impede the setting up of the Tata motor car factory in Singur and to resist the process of industrialisation. Under the leadership of Suhrid Dutta, the Party was able to inspire 85 per cent of the people to acquiesce to land acquisition for the factory by making them conscious about the adequate amount of compensation forthcoming and economic rehabilitation towards implementation of the motor car factory at Singur, which formed an important part of the path of pro-people industrialisation being adopted in Bengal.

His success in the efforts in this direction made furious the forces that stood opposed to industrialisation through anarchic activities. They started to conspire against Suhrid Dutta. The conspiracy started around the sad death of a young girl at this point in time in the locality. The investigating agency of the CBI was used in the task.

The state committee is not prepared nor would it accede to the judgement handed down to Suhrid Dutta [of life imprisonment.] Thus, there would be an appeal referred to the next higher court.

The state committee clearly proclaims before the democratic masses of Bengal that the CPI (M) has forged ahead casting aside and defeating the various conspiracies and plots hatched against it repeatedly over the past. The process goes on ceaselessly. The latest example is the conspiracy plotted against Suhrid Dutta in particular and the entire Party in general.

The enemies have engaged themselves in a hateful campaign against the Party and the Left Front government on this judgement of court. The state committee calls upon the Party workers at every level to stand against it and to make the common people conscious about the conspiracy being hatched.