People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 41

October 19, 2008


Comrade Prithvi Singh Remembered

Inderjit Singh

THOUSANDS of people gathered in Hisar on October 8, 2008 and remembered Comrade Prithvi Singh, late CPI(M) leader of Haryana with emotional attachment and fond memories. Amidst resounding slogans of “Lal Salam to Comrade Prithvi”, streams of people poured into the venue to pay tributes to their beloved leader. Comrade Prithvi Singh's personality, thought and ideology was all pervasive.  He was remembered by people  here with the best of their words, ideas, speeches, resolutions and announcements.  A remarkable feature of the condolence meeting was the attendance of women in large numbers.  A large contingent of young boys and girls volunteers helped in the orderly conduct of the meeting.  The quotations from the diary of Comrade Prithvi Singh were extensively displayed on banners and posters.

CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat speaking in the meeting paid rich tributes to Comrade Prithvi Singh describing him as the initial source of inspiration and strength of the Left movement in Haryana. Comrade Prithvi always believed in himself and in the strength of the people.  He was a true communist and had the qualities of being amongst the people in all their struggles. He likened Prithvi Singh to the late communist stalwart A K Gopalan who was a movement in himself and moved the masses with his personal qualities, commitment and courage.  Prakash Karat spoke about his personal memories with Comrade Prithvi Singh.  He hoped that memories of Prithvi Singh and his indomitable legacy would help in building a strong movement in Haryana.  As Comrade Prithvi Singh passed away at such a time when the Left movement and CPI(M) are waging a crucial struggle against imperialism, divisive forces and for a radical change in Indian political  composition, his absence will be acutely felt.  However Comrade Prithvi's inspirational life will stay with us and always boost our morale, said Karat.
CPI(M) Haryana state secretary Inderjit Singh who presided over the condolence meeting spoke at length on the work and life of Comrade Prithvi Singh and described him as an extraordinary person and leader of masses. A host of other speakers described Comrade Prithvi Singh as an extraordinary leader of masses with the deepest sympathies for weaker sections.  He inspired may young men and women and drew them into struggles.  He accomplished the arduous task of organising students into Haryana Student Union. The speakers included Harnam Singh ex-MLA (CPI), Samapat Singh ex-minister Haryana, Ran Singh Maan ex-MLA,  Jagmati Sangwan and  Suneet Chopra, central committee member of CPI(M).  The family of Comrade Prithvi Singh, including his 90-year old mother, Godha Devi, his wife Murti Devi,  his son Sunil and daughter Manisha  were present in the meeting. All of them expressed resolute determination to carry forward the ideas of Comrade Prithvi Singh.

The CPI(M) state committee resolution paying tributes to Comrade Prithvi Singh was read out in the meeting by Surender Singh.  Comrade Prithvi's massive contribution in the building of Party in Haryana was recognised with full respect. He had unique qualities of impressing the masses and organising them, stated the resolution.  He was described as a best symbol of how to organise the movement in Haryana.  It was stated that he had the unusual capacity of absorbing personal shocks and losses while always feeling others pain and deprivations.  He was a moving spirit behind young cadre of the Party. The state committee placed on record the unique services rendered by Comrade Prithvi Singh for the Party and resolved to carry forward his dreams with full strength.

Scores of social organisations, trade unions  and employees unions passed condolence resolutions in memory of Comrade Prithvi Singh. Students Federation of India, Haryana Kisan Sabha, Haryana CITU, AIDWA AIAWU, DYFI and others also passed special condolence resolutions. The meeting ended with a memorial song by young volunteers.


A massive district-level condolence meeting in memory of Comrade Prithvi Singh was held in his native village Gorakhpur in Fatehabad district on October 12, 2008. Thousands of people gathered to pay tributes to their dear leader.

Leaders from various parties attended the meeting and paid their respects to the departed leader. Among them were the state finance minister Virender Singh, Pratap Chautala of HJC party, MLA Kulbir Beniwal, ex-MLA Maniram Keherwal and others.

It was announced in the meeting that the local panchayat has passed a resolution naming the local primary health centre after Comrade Prithvi Singh. The state finance minister also announced a grant of Rs 5 lakh contribution for launching a memorial to Comrade Prithvi Singh.

CPI(M) state secretariat member Surender Singh, leaders Jagmati, Kishan Swaroop and district secretary Ram Swaroop were also present. Ram Swaroop presided over the meeting.