People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 38

September 28 , 2008



Institute Judicial Probe Into The Jamia Nagar Police Encounter

THE CPI(M) Delhi state committee demanded a thorough judicial probe into the September 19, 2008 police encounter in Jamia Nagar, in which two suspected terrorists and one police inspector were killed. The version of the encounter put out by the Delhi police does not appear to be entirely credible. Such doubts are strengthened by the fact that police encounters in the country have often turned out to be stage managed. Only a thorough probe into this encounter can put to rest all speculation, claims and counter-claims being made. The Delhi state committee of CPI(M) therefore, demands that a judicial enquiry by a judge with unimpeachable secular and democratic credentials be instituted into the Jamia Nagar police encounter at the earliest.

The CPI(M) stands for strong steps to combat terrorist activities in the country. Those responsible for perpetrating heinous acts of terror must be brought to book and punished. Unfortunately, the government and its intelligence agencies have failed miserably in apprehending these merchants of death. Instead, each terrorist strike is followed by indiscriminate arrests and harassment of innocent Muslims and stereotyping of the entire community as potential terrorists. A section of the media is actively involved in this demonisation of the Muslim community. This only alienates the community and weakens the fight against terrorism besides providing grist to the mill of communal forces.

Indiscriminate and undeclared arrests following the Jamia Nagar police encounter have led to a deep sense of fear and insecurity in this locality. The stereotyping of Muslims belonging to Jamia Nagar, especially those hailing from Azamgarh by the media and the heavy presence of the police in the entire area have made matters worse. Many parents have called back home their wards studying in Jamia Millia Islamia and people of the area are afraid to even use mobile phones, computers and the internet. Such a situation cannot be allowed to persist.

The Delhi state committee of CPI (M) demands an immediate stop to indiscriminate arrests and harassment of residents of Jamia Nagar by the police. Public disclosure be made of all arrests made in Jamia Nagar and their reasons. Withdraw heavy police deployment in Jamia Nagar to facilitate return of normalcy and halt the indiscriminate typecasting and harassment of students, especially those belonging to Azamgarh.

Meanwhile, SFI Jawaharlal Nehru University committee has in a press statement on September 23, 2008 said serious doubts arise about the arrests being made by the police from the Jamia Nagar following the encounter. It appears from media reports that the arrest of Saquib Nisar by the police from the Jamia Nagar locality has not been on very sound basis. The Mail Today dated September 23, 2008 reports that Saquib, who the Delhi police has claimed to be the mastermind of the Ahmedabad blasts, was taking his MBA exams from Delhi on the day of the blasts. The newspaper has also published the evidence in this regard (admit card). The police must be forced to act in a responsible, transparent, accountable and professional manner and cannot be allowed to harass innocent Muslims, in the form of indiscriminate arrests or otherwise, in the name of fighting terrorism. Prominent senior persons from the locality must be taken into confidence before arrests and search operations, it said and demanded a judicial enquiry by a judge with impeccable democratic credentials be instituted at the earliest into the encounter.