People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 38

September 28 , 2008


Down The Memory Lane....

“C Rajagopalachary, the former governor general of India was supposed to be a mature man and never became angry with anyone. But when he became the chief minister of the Chennai presidency, he had to lose his temper when P Ramamurthy spoke in the assembly. When Rajaji couldn’t counter the arguments of PR, he shouted at the height of his voice and declared that the communists would be his enemy number one. Rajaji did not count the British imperialism as an enemy but made outbursts against the communists. PR was instrumental in exposing that mindset of people like Rajaji in the public domain.”

R Umanath

“P Ramamurthy moved a resolution in parliament in 1967 to name the Madras state as Tamilnadu but he could not be present in the parliament when the resolution was taken up for discussion. It was Bupesh Gupta who had introduced it and said that PR was detained by the state government under DIR and could not be present to move the resolution and he is doing it on behalf of PR. C N Annadurai spoke on the subject thanking the communists for bringing up the resolution. Will the Dravidian parties acknowledge this fact honestly in public in today’s context?...”

R Nallakannu

“In 1967, immediately after his release from jail, PR went and met Rajaji and was able to form a united front to defeat the Congress in the 1967 assembly elections. Congress party that lost power then in Tamilnadu has never returned to the seat of power so far. The DMK had often vacillated and tried to ally with Congress opportunistically to capture power on many occasions thereafter. Recently, when celebrating the centenary year of C N Annadurai in Trichy, Karunanidhi had declared from the dais that he would consider accommodating Congressmen in the ministry after talking to the Congress president. Is it the tribute he is trying to pay to the memory of ‘Anna’ who steadfastly fought against the Congress misrule?...”

N Varadarajan

“Next to Subash Chandra Bose, PR was the only leader who had won the parliamentary election under detention. PR was detained in Madurai when the elections took place. He contested from the jail; did not go for canvassing and won the election hands down. Such was the affection and love people had shown to communist leaders in those days….”

N Sankaraiah

“During the struggle for national freedom and in the post independent India too, Comrade PR reiterated his commitment to unify the working class to achieve its class objectives. The militant trade union struggles in the late sixties and early seventies were major contributors for the formation of the Left Front governments in Bengal and Kerala..”

Dr M K Pandhe