People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 36

September 14 , 2008




'Probe Role Of  Hindutva Terror Outfits'

SENIOR CPI(M) MP and central secretariat member Hannan Mollah has urged the prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh to take personal initiative in combating the new challenges posed by neo-fascist Hindu fundamentalist organisations. In a letter written to prime minister on September 2, 2008, Mollah apprised him regarding the serious situation arising out of the strengthening of some fascist organisations and growing failure of the government to tackle them. Decrying CBI's attempts to cover up the role of these Hindu terror outfits, he sought prime minister's personal attention and effective and conscious action to deal with the dangerous situation.

Referring to a press conference held in Delhi on August 28, 2008 which was addressed by film producer Mahesh Bhatt, Justice (Retd.) B G Kolse Patil, former DGP of Gujarat R B Sreekumar and anti-communal activist Teesta Setalvad, Mollah stated that it has been proved that there was a link between 2007 blast cases in Nanded, Parbhani, Pune and Jalna. Besides names of Sanathan Sanstha, Hindu Jagran Samiti and Gurukripa Pratishthan came up in the Thane-Panvel blasts in 2008. It is also a fact that Jammu Sangarsh Samiti’s Convenor Leela Karan Sharma and Swami Dharmesh are reportedly members of Sanathan Sanstha.

It was alleged in the press conference that the above mentioned neo-fascist organisations were imparting training in arms, bomb-making and bomb explosions in the Bhonsale Military School in Nagpur. And that the Bajrang Dal is training people to attack minorities in different parts of the country. They are planting bombs in mosques in the guise of Muslim terrorists. The explosion that took place in RSS activist Laxman Rajkondwar’s house in April 2006 was mentioned in this context.

Hannan Mollah brought to the notice of the prime minister the serious allegation made by these personalities about CBI protecting these neo-fascist organizations by trying to cover up their terror network. “The CBI is trying to conceal all such information to protect those fascists. They are ignoring clear leads on various blasts which distinctly identify Sangh Parivar activists. The recent blast in Kanpur during bomb-making has proved the involvement of Bajrang Dal in these activities”, stated Mollah. He expressed fear that all indications pointed to CBI being influenced by such communal activities. Instead of exposing and crushing these forces, the CBI was covering up their crimes. The questions raised in the above-mentioned press conference were very serious in nature and very valid. And therefore cannot be ignored at all, felt Mollah. The eminent personalities also demanded constitution of an official tribunal comprising three sitting Supreme Court judges to oversee the investigations into all terror related crimes. All types of terrorist activities – whether committed by minority or majority community persons – must be fought vigorously. They also proved that Bajrang Dal and VHP are equally terrorist organisations with others which are active in the country and made a case for their ban.

The CPI(M) MP appended the note issued by those prominent persons for scrutiny along with his letter to the prime minister and particularly called for inquiring into all the issues raised in their note marked “A” to “M” (see CBI's Cover Up Of Nanded Blasts printed alongside this report). He felt there is a need to answer all those questions and make clear the government’s views, attitude and action on them.

Referring to the recent barbaric attacks against Christians in Orissa, the Mollah said it was a direct result of instigation of known VHP-RSS leaders. The attacks and killings of Christians in Orissa was planned and executed by Bajrang Dal. He expressed concern at the dangerous trend of more and more misguided people joining in this communal violence against minorities.

“In the interest of the national unity and integrity, to protect all the minorities in the country, to isolate and punish all kinds of fascists forces, to rescue government machinery from influence of communal forces, to clear CBI from cloud regarding their role vis-à-vis communal fascists – you have to take serious action. I would request you to take personal initiative to face this new challenge by the neo-fascist forces. I hope you will look into it and take appropriate action and let the whole nation know in what way you are going to combat this menace”, stated Hannan Mollah.