People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 36

September 14 , 2008



A Tale Of Somen, Singur And A Resort

B Prasant

WHAT is going on in Singur?

A land of 120 kottah is suddenly bounded by fences from four sides and guarded by a secretive, tight security. It is surrounded by an eleven feet high brick wall as well.

The locals claim that a resort is on the making. A resort in the making on agricultural land lush with green paddy at Singur -- and no Mamata and her brigade to stand in stiff opposition? We saw raw materials very much present at the site and work proceeding like wild fire.

There was a pond also before in the area which the locals use to utilise for their daily necessities — the pond has been substituted by a single tubewell and the villagers asked to learn and live with it in place of the large waterbody.

Singur…the name is familiar nationally and internationally thanks to our opposition party leadership which claims that all lands in Singur was, is, and shall be for agriculture and agriculture alone…then how on earth a land plot was encroached and then purchased for construction of a resort…is not Mamata a firm self-declared enemy of all ‘malls, resorts, and such things,’ -- the answer lies with who the present purchaser and owner of the land is…Soumendra Nath Mitra.alias Somen Mitra of the Congress party, who had recently joined hands with Mamata as an independent party leader ‘of conscience’ (and we quote) called the Progressive Indira Congress.

Therefore, whatever Somen is doing to the land in whichever fashion he chooses to do so seems to be ‘ok’ with Mamata. If anybody thinks the tale of Somen Mitra’s purchasing land for resort at Singur is a malicious story floated by the CPI(M), let us quote from the document. It says that the land belonged to some Reshmi Dutta and Ritesh Dutta of 9/A Gariahat Road. The new purchaser is Somen Mitra of 45 Amherst Street, Kolkata 700006.

Somen Mitra's ‘contact person’ at Singur is Saila Ghosh. Saila dabbles in land dealings. He is also a Trinamuli local chief, a member of the Singur Panchayat Samity and he smoothly operates through a large network of land sharks, who are putting the finishing tough touches to the proposed luxurious resort of Somenbabu at Singur on agricultural land plots

Not for nothing has Somen Mitra took the trouble of sitting down at Mamata’s feet (quite literally). Dare Mamata utter a single word on who is now encroaching on a grade one agricultural land overflowing with vegetables, rice, and flowers – especially when her ‘allies’ have chosen to slowly but surely move away from her the moment she met Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee across the table for discussion?