People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 30

August 03 , 2008



CPI(M) Launches Struggle Against Price Rise & Nuclear Deal

J S Majumdar      

ON 14 July, when country-wide movement was launched against betrayal of Manmohan Singh government, against nuclear deal and against price rise, the Left parties in Jharkhand organized joint rallies in several district headquarters. From July 15-20, rallies and demonstrations were staged in block headquarters independently by CPI(M) and on  July 21, joint public meetings were held by the Left and effigies of Bush-Manmohan Singh were burnt.

When the struggle is on at mass front and as also at electoral front against price rise and other burning problems of the people and the nuclear deal, the corporate media is trying to divert the attention of the people from the main issues and to create confusion by raising individual issues and other non-issues. Facing these challenges, Left in Jharkhand launched united struggles.

In the joint meetings of the Left consisting of CPI(M), CPI, Forward Block, RSP, CPI(ML) and Marxist Co-ordination Committee, it was decided to launch next phase of the movement from August  1-19 by holding public meetings at least at 150 places throughout the state, organising week long jeep jathas in each of the five commissionarates of the state, culminating into general strike in Jharkhand on  August 20 coinciding with the all India industrial strike on that day.

The state committee of CPI(M), held on  July 28 emphasised on organising padyatras and jathas to cover villages and wards of urban areas and holding meetings for direct contact with the people on the issues, with the help of several pamphlets, handbills, posters etc. Simultaneously, the Party and mass organisations would be organising small and big seminars. Big regional public meetings will be held which will be addressed by national leaders of the Party.

Despite attempts of ruling class parties and bourgeois media to divert and dilute the issue of nuclear deal, people in general are interested to know of it. The section of the people who oppose or have doubts about the nuclear deal go much beyond the Left's support base as reflected during campaign and media interviews. Those, who are propagating nuclear deal for electricity are neither in the field nor are getting much support of the people. That is why attempts are made to divert attention by media, UPA and NDA parties. JMM raised 13 demands including greater Jharkhand just to cover up their real deal with Congress at the centre. People have not forgotten Congress' JMM bribery case to save Narsimha Rao government. JMM's demand has no impact in Jharkhand.

Out of total 14 Lok Sabha seats in Jharkhand, at present 12 are with UPA - Congress, JMM and RJD - who voted for Manmohan Singh. Two MPs, who voted against, include CPI's one and Babulal Marandi whose party is a constituent of UNPA. The state committee of CPI(M) is making efforts to bring such anti-Congress, anti-BJP parties and groups in Jharkhand for united struggle against price rise, nuclear deal and other burning issues of the people of Jharkhand.