People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 30

August 03 , 2008



CPI(M) Conducts  Campaign Against Anti-People Policies And Nuclear Deal

THE CPI(M) in Madhya Pradesh conducted  campaign against the anti-people policies of the government and the nuclear deal in particular, from July 19-21. More than 1.25 lakh leaflets were distributed. Mass meetings were held at various places like Gwalior, Jabalpur, Morena, Sali-Chouka, Narasinghpur, Riwa, Satna etc.  The Party has decided to continue the campaign further by conducting meetings in thirty centers from July 24 to  August 7, 2008.  This year, the Shailendra Shaily memorial lectures would also focus on the same issue.

     Addressing a public rally organised jointly by the Left parties in Bhopal, Dipankar Mukherjee, former MP of CPI(M) said the nuclear deal with USA was a betrayal to the cause of sovereignty and self reliance of the country.  He warned that the country would be forced to pay a heavy price for a long period as a result of this deal. Dipankar questioned as to why the government was in such a hurry with the deal. Neither the draft agreement was shown to the Left parties as promised nor to the scientists/ experts in this field for their opinions. It was to fulfill the commitment given to president Bush, he said.

      Dipankar referred to the American leaders who were pressing for correction in arithmetics of Indian parliament in support of the deal. Viewing at the politics of unscrupulous maneuvering and looking at the prices set for bringing together the required number, he said, it can very well be understood, as to whose money was spent and on whose advice. He said victory of the trust motion achieved through maneuverings was a great defeat for the democracy. Referring to BJP as an established supporter of USA, Dipankar described that the BJP is pleading for strategic agreement with America even today and cautioned that  any strategic agreement will turn India into a subordinate ally of USA. Disappointment of BJP lies in the fact that the Congress party was taking credit of what was contemplated by the BJP while in power, he said.


 The meeting was also addressed by state secretary of CPI(M) Badal Saroj , district secretary of Bhopal, Pushan Bhattacharya  along with B K Sharma and Shailendra Kumar Shaily of CPI. Thereafter, a joint procession was organised by both the communist parties covering the areas of New Market, Roshanpura and held a meeting. The joint meeting of CPI(M) and  CPI was presided over by Pramod Pradhan  and Sandhya Shaily, both state secretariat members of CPI(M) and by Krishna Modi and  Ramhar Patel of CPI.