People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 29

July 27 , 2008




People Protest Against Nuclear Deal And Price Rise


Haripada Das &

Rahul Sinha



            THE people of Tripura took part in massive numbers in the rallies protesting against the nuclear deal. Defying heavy downpour throughout the state on 14 July, the people condemned UPA government’s Indo-US nuclear deal that compromises our country’s sovereignty, its independent foreign policy and turns it into a subordinate partner of US imperialism.

Sub-division level rallies were held in Udaipur, Amarpur, Longthorai valley, Sonamura, Subroom, Bishalgarh and Ambassa sub-divisions.   The venue of rally in Agartala got submerged under rain water. Therefore the participants gathered in a hall in Sadar divisional committee office for a meeting, which was addressed by CPI(M) state secretariat member, Gautam Das.  He explained the background of the Left parties lending outside support to the Congress led UPA government, to keep the communal forces at bay, on the basis of the Common Minimum Programme agreed upon by both sides. Though it was categorically mentioned in the CMP that India shall never compromise its independent foreign policy, by singing nuclear deal, it is going to be one of the partners of US strategic design, he said. Explaining various adverse aspects of the nuclear deal, Gautam Das said, it is totally against the interests of the nation and it is our patriotic duty to oppose this deal with our best effort.


            CPI(M) divisional conferences are in progress in various sub-divisions. They are being held after divisional level big rallies which are also being used as a platform for campaign against nuclear deal. A booklet published by the Left Front is being sold in these rallies at Rs 1, a copy.  In two such rallies, one in Dharmanagar on 14 July and other in Belonia on 17 July, Manik Sarkar, Polit Bureau member of CPI(M) and chief minister of the state flayed the UPA government’s subservience to the US imperialism in the name of nuclear deal. The UPA government has many burning problems to address urgently- the unabated price rise, spiraling rate of inflation, problem of unemployment, problems of farming community, increasing suicides etc. Without addressing any of these problems, Manmohan Singh government made it a priority to finalise nuclear deal in shameful terms, bowing-down to the US imperialism, he said.


            Explaining the humiliating terms of the nuclear deal, Manik Sarkar said, there are 45 NSG countries who can supply uranium for civilian power plants. Then why should we opt for US, which had set a record of inhumanity and mass killing to invade Iraq and Afghanistan for grabbing the rich oilfields of those countries and with the same objective, they are preparing at present to launch another aggression in Iran, a traditionally friendly state of India, Manik Sarkar asked. In compliance to the nuclear deal, India shall have to restructure it foreign policy in line with that of America, the direction of which is quite opposite to our agreed non-aligned foreign policy. If the deal runs smoothly, it will add only 4 per cent of our total requirement and that too after twenty long years. Explaining the dangerous implications of the deal, Manik Sarkar said that US senate will review our loyalty every year for supplying uranium. All our indigenous nuclear installations will come under IAEA scanner. If the US gets displeased by  any step, they have the right to cease supply of uranium at any time and uninstall the extraordinarily costly nuclear reactors. Ultimately, this deal will lead to the shrinkage of our own nuclear programme, which has ample scope to develop with indigenous resources. So, if such a subservient deal goes unopposed, the coming generation will not forgive us, Manik Sarkar asserted. He urged upon the people to join in far more stronger protests against this deal in the days to come.

            Explaining the nuclear deal and its affects on our sovereignty and economy and our independent foreign policy, innumerable small, medium and big rallies, processions, hall meetings, jathas etc., are going on in local and divisional levels in all parts of the state. Thirteen more big rallies in connection with the divisional conferences of the Party are on schedule till the end of July. All these rallies will be addressed by state secretariat members including the Polit Bureau member, Manik Sarkar.  Nuclear deal will be a major issue in these rallies.