People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 26

July 06 , 2008


Trinamuli Depredations

THE Trinamul Congress has been playing foul with the flood-affected people's lives in Midnapore east where they are in charge of the Zillah Parishad. They would not allow the state government officials to distribute relief materials.  They would also insist that the relief materials be first sent to the Trinamul Congress offices in the locality and the distribution mechanism left to them.  

The Trinamul Congress also stayed away from the all-party meeting called for tackling the post-flood relief and rehabilitation drive. The Trinamul supremo has again dubbed the floods - for the umpteenth time - as 'man-made,' blaming the CPI(M), in a vacuous, mindless gesture, as being 'responsible for the flood.'  She has yet to blame the CPI(M) for the rains as well but we would not know what the future might bring up.

Elsewhere, at Nandigram, the Trinamul Congress hoodlums have indulged in the heinous crime of burning down two local offices of the CPI(M) on successive days over June 26 and 27.  On June 26, the Trinamuli goons accompanied by Maoist strongmen, armed with staves, knives, and swords, attacked the local committee office of the CPI(M) at the Janka village at Khejuri.  After assaulting the CPI(M) workers inside, and driving them away at the point of the sword, put the office to the torch amidst devilish glee.

This was followed the next day, June 27, when the goons assaulted CPI(M) workers at the Takapura village in the same block in the Amdabad area. This time too, they succeeded in burning down the local office after facing an initial resistance from the few CPI(M) workers present.  The Trinamuli goons have also assaulted a college student, a girl of the vicinity of the Janka village with ugly intentions until she screamed in terror, and was rescued by the local people who chased the attackers - who were mostly dead-drunk - away.

(B P)