People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 23

June 15 , 2008



CPI(M) Demands Strong Action Against Culprits

CPI(M) has expressed deep shock and anguish over a horrible incident of a rape victim ending her life at Haryana police headquarters in Panchkula. In a press statement, the state secretary of the Party Inderjit Singh condemned the conduct of entire police top brass in strongest words for not taking legal action against two Rohtak policemen accused of rape which made the young woman end her life in utter frustration.

CPI(M) has blamed all those officials up to the Director General of Police of utter negligence whom the deceased Sarita personally met to narrate her agony and sought justice. Total inaction for two long months at the level of police bureaucracy is actually a very serious reflection of the state of affairs in the law enforcing agencies.

It is to be reminded that two Haryana police commandos were found involved in raping a woman in the state Raj Niwas. In yet another incident two policemen posted by High court order to provide security to a newly married couple were found in active connivance with the accused persons of Honour Killing of the couple in Kaithal district last year.

It was infact the initiative taken by the Party and AIDWA that the public anger against the ghastly episode came to the fore. With the  solidarity support, the aggrieved family demanded the arrest of culprits and financial aid for the two little daughters before the cremation of Sarita. CPI(M) and AIDWA took out more protest demonstrations along with other political parties. There was so much  widespread condemnation of the conduct of police that the government had to act .Two cops accused of rape are arrested and Rs 5 lakh was announced as compensation for the daughters. The IG, SP and DSP of Rohtak have been transferred .

Meanwhile the most important question that still needs an answer is about the rule of law itself. Is not the DG of police answerable to what is happening in the state of Haryana with regard to right to life with human dignity? Should not the chief minister explain as to how he goes on repeating that he is making Haryana as a number one state when the custodians of law are themselves violating it with impunity? CPI(M) state secretariat has called upon all sections of the people to unitedly come out in defence of rule of law with social justice.