People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 18

May 11, 2008


Yechury Congratulates People of Nepal

He expressed hope through an all inclusive consensual process, the drafting of a new for the democratic republic Nepal will be successfully completed all the earliest keeping in tune the people’s verdict.

Senior CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury is in Nepal to convey the congratulations to the people of Nepal for their successful completion of elections recently. In his two days visit Yechury will be meeting with several senior leaders of 7 party alliance and Maoists.

Yechury is visiting Nepal on the invitation of Nepal Prime Minister G.P.Koirala. Yechury is warmly welcomed by the representatives of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists) and Nepali Congress representatives. In the first leg of his visit Yechury met apart from G.P.Koirala, Madhav Kumar Nepal of CPN(UML), Baburam Bhattarai of CPN(Maoist) and also Prachanda who is Maoists' prime ministerial candidate in the met political leaders of the country ahead of the formation of a new coalition government expected to be led by the Maoists.

Yechury, who arrived in Kathmandu on Thursday is the only senior political leader from India who visits following the holding of the landmark Constituent Assembly elections on 10th April. Yechury met Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, Maoist chief Prachanda, CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal and other senior political leaders during his tour.

Yechury had played a key role in bringing the Maoists to the mainstream politics.

While talking to the press who assembled at Tribhuvan airport Yechury reiterated that he was conveying the solidarity of people of India to the people of Nepal for their successful completion of democratic elections in Nepal. He also affirmed that all decisions in the process of completion of democratic process will be taken by Nepali people and political leader.

Indian people, Yechury conveyed, wishing for a stable democratic republic in Nepal which will work for peoples prosperity. He also expressed the hope of Indian people that the democratic process of building a republic in Nepal will be consolidated soon.


KATHMANDU, May 2: Visiting leader of Communist Party of India Marxist CPI(M) Sitaram Yechury Friday expressed confidence that the CPN-Maoist, which has emerged as the largest party in the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections, will move ahead joining hands with other parties and work for consensus  in moving towards the formation of Republic of Nepal.

Emerging from a meeting this morning with Maoist Chairman Pracahanda, Yechury told the media persons: “The elections have made the Maoist the biggest party, and I hope that they will move ahead working together with the Maoists.

Before meeting Prachanda and his colleagues, Yechury hold an hour long meeting with Nepal Prime Minister G.P.Koirala. In this meeting other senior leaders of Nepali Congress Party are also attended.

In his next meeting Yechury met Maoist leaders Dr Baburam Bhattarai and CP Gajurel were also present in the meeting held at Prachand’s Nayabazaar residence.

He also held a separate meeting the representatives of Madhesi lead by Upendra Yadav.

Yechury said that he congratulated the Maoist leaders for securing the major position in the April 10 polls.

Answering a question—if he came to Nepal to create an understanding among the parties, Yechury claimed that the next government will be formed on the mutual agreement of the parties and stated that his country will only extend best wishes and support in the process. He also informed the press that Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) assured him that they will work for consensus. He hailed the successful completion of elections to the constituent assembly is a historic episode in the establishment of Republic of Nepal. He said that the in the negotiations he stressed the need for consensus.

In the wake of threats issued by Indian Hindu extremists to start armed struggle to protect monarchy in Nepal, Yechury stated that few groups tried such attempts which became sad as the monarchy is on the verge of collapse and made it clear that such remarks did not represent the Indian people’s opinion.

CPI(M) leader Yechury is busy holding meetings since early morning today, the second day of his two-day visit.

Similarly, Yechury also held separate consultations with Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala, Krishna Sitaula and Shekhar Koirala among others.

Yechury termed, the comments that he came to Nepal on Indian government’s insistence, baseless.

Yechury had played an important role in signing 12-point pact between the former rebel Maoists and the then Seven-Party alliance and in dealing with other complex political challenges in Nepal. While addressing a separate question on the issue of Indo Nepal Treaty he informed the gathering that way back in 1989, 90 that Communist Party of India (Marxist) demand a review of the agreement as by that time four decades have lapsed and the situation had changed a lot. He said that the party’s argument is still valid. From the agreement to till now lot of water have flown in Ganges and there are major changes in both country. Also he said that the mandate of the present government is to prepare the constitution for Nepal Republic and made
it clear that the new government which comes up after the adoption of new constitution, will be having the locus standing to review the treaty.


West Bengal Chief Minister Budhadeb Bhattacharjee invited Chief of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) to visit Kolkata. This invitation has also been conveyed to Prachand by Sitaram Yechury in today’s meeting.