People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 18

May 11, 2008


Greetings From The Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy

DEAR Comrades,

It is an honor and a pleasure for me to take part in the 19th congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). I am here representing my party, the Communist Refoundation Party of Italy, which is engaged, just like you, in a very strong fight for international solidarity and for peace, democracy and socialism.

This is a fight we are now driving, and not alone. In these efforts we are supported by democratic movements and networks of civil society for freedom and dignity, in the way opened by the social forum movement, which will be a very important event this autumn  and where we will have the occasion to move a step forward in the direction of 21st century socialism.

This is a struggle talking about future: our future and the future of working class, popular masses and humanity. For this, I think it is not just a coincidence, but something giving us hope and strength, the circumstance this congress is held now, in the time of the Nowruz, which is, as you know better than me, the ancient feast for the incoming of the spring and for the rising of new hopes for life and future.

It is a traditional feast- the occasion for the end of the winter and the opening of a new season, a spring for life. In this sense, I want to share with you my feelings your congress will be a special moment and a sort of milestone, not only for the development of your analysis and your struggle, but also for the future of the entire Left movement in the world. Im sure of this, since the growing role India is covering in the world in this phase, either for political and economic reasons, as one of the main actors in the international community; and because of the strategic relevance of a continent like Asia, so rich in implications and contents, suggestions and ideas for the international fight against imperialism.

Dear Comrades,

I think that your congress, which is preceding our one, as Communist Refoundation Party, to be held this year, is a great chance for the development of our fight and to move forward in the direction of the Left-network building and the search for roots and ideas for a 21st century socialism. Im sure we will go on working together, along side this main direction, for a better future of peace, democracy and socialism.