People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 18

May 11, 2008


Greetings From The Portuguese Communist Party  

Greetings From The Portuguese Communist Party

DEAR Comrades, the 19th congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) represents an important event not only to the CPI(M) and the Indian communists, but also to the working class, the peasants, the progressive intellectuals and the people of India.

Through its heroic traditions in the revolutionary struggle, its role in the daily defence of the interests and aspirations of the more disfavored classes and strata of the Indian society, through its action, together with its allies in the Left Front, heading important states in the union, through its political influence at the national level, its tireless struggle in favour of a non-confessional, democratic, progressive, peaceful and non-aligned India, through its internationalist stand, the CPI(M) has won great respect in the international communist and revolutionary movement.

In the name of the Portuguese communists, we convey to the 19th congress of the Communist Party of India(Marxist) warm and fraternal greetings, wishing the best success in your proceedings and confirming the will of the PCP to further and deepen the bonds of friendship, cooperation and solidarity that bind both our parties.

The 19th congress of the CPI(M) takes place in an extraordinarily complex and dangerous international situation, but also full of revolutionary potential. A situation which, by benefiting from the correlation of power resulting from the defeats of socialism and in answer to the systematic crisis that it faces – and which the present crisis of overproduction centred in the US stresses – imperialism continues a dangerous exploitative, oppressive and aggressive offensive, with the aim of imposing its domination on the world. On the other hand, a situation where all around there is an upsurge of resistance and struggle, we find important processes of realignment of forces and, as in Latin America, important and hopeful processes of affirmation of sovereignty and changes of a progressive and revolutionary nature are taking place.

The role of the communist parties, of their action with the masses and their project of building a new society which will forever put an end to exploitation and class oppression, a socialist and communist society is, in this situation, of the utmost actuality.

This is how we feel in our country, where the PCP, affirming with conviction its communist identity, plays an irreplaceable role in Portuguese life, in the combat against the violent offensive by the socialist party government against the workers and fundamental democratic rights, in the struggle for a rupture with more than thirty years of right-wing policies and for a democratic alternative of the left.

The historic march for freedom and democracy promoted by the PCP, in which more than 50,000 party members and other democrats participated, shows well the determination and confidence with which our great party collective combats the anti-democratic offensive by a government at the service of big capital and imperialism, and affirms the right to organise itself and act according to the sovereign will of its militants.

Considering as its main international task, furthering the struggle in defence of the democratic regime set down in the constitution and for a progressive transformation of the Portuguese society, the PCP considers of the utmost importance the strengthening of the communist movement and of the anti-imperialist front. It is our wish to pursue and deepen the close cooperation existing between our parties to attain this goal, namely since the courageous and historic Calcutta seminar on “the present-day world situation and the validity of Marxism”.

At a time when imperialism increases its offensive to re-colonise the planet, intensifies the weapons race and develops disturbing plans of aggression and war, it becomes more necessary to strengthen the cooperation among communists and all progressive forces, and affirm the solidarity with all the peoples who, like the peoples of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba and others are at the front line of the anti-imperialist combat.

Dear comrades,

Reiterating our best wishes for success to the 19th congress of the CPI(M) and confirming our wish to strengthen the fraternal relations between our two parties, we convey to you fraternal greetings.

Lisbon, March 2008.

Central Committee

Portuguese Communist Party