People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 18

May 11, 2008


Greetings From Communist Party Of Greece

THE central committee of the KKE conveys warm fraternal greetings to the delegates of the 19th Congress of the CPI (M). Our parties are linked with strong ties of friendship and international solidarity, based on our common firm adherence to Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism, which last year grew even stronger with the visit of comrade Prakash Karat to Greece.

We follow as close as we can your efforts to mobilise the Indian working class and peasantry against the neoliberal options of the government, to
prevent India from becoming a strategic ally of the United States and contribute to strengthening the worldwide anti-imperialist struggle; your
struggle to build a Left and democratic platform which can meet the  aspirations and defend the interests of the working people, to promote a
Left Democratic Alternative to the bourgeois-landlord system's policies.
We are happy to see the advances of CPI(M) and of Left Front successes over the last years, with the most recent victory in the Tripura elections.
We take note of the fact that reactionary forces have resorted to a fierce anti-communist campaign, by also using criminal attacks , to tackle the
activity and influence of the CPI(M) and we reiterate our firm solidarity.
KKE sharply opposes the EU and its policies, including the attempts to impose conditions to India and other countries and its hostile policy
towards the immigrant workers. Those issues as well as the organising of the Indian immigrant workers in Greece provide further scope for the development of the cooperation between our parties.  

Over the last months in Greece there have been strong workers' and people's struggles  regarding wages, pensions, social security system and
against the policies of the European Union and NATO. At the same time the popular discontent increases along with mistrust towards the two major bourgeois parties and strong signs of crisis appear in the political system and machinations of the ruling class to tackle with the problem and reshape the political system are underway.

KKE calls on the people to intervene more decisively; to intensify and politicise their struggle; to combine the fight to defeat the reactionary
measures, with the struggle for building the peoples' front and claiming the people's power.

 Dear comrades,

In the context of the sharpening capitalist crisis, imperialism becomes more aggressive. Inter-imperialist contradictions sharpen, the US-EU relations become more antagonistic and complex. The ever-existing competition between the USA, France, Germany and Great Britain has now expanded even more, as these forces nowadays also consider Russia, China and India among their rivals. The impact of this rivalry is evident at the Balkan region where turmoil created by the imperialist adventurisms could easily engulf Greece - the Middle East and nowadays it extends along the whole South-Eastern Asia. The secession of Kosovo from Serbia following the NATO bombings is significant in this regard.

At the same time the peoples' resistance and struggle is growing stronger. In Europe there is a trend towards sharpening class conflicts. The
strengthening of the communist parties, the affirmation of their class nature and revolutionary identity become critical factors for the
perspective of the peoples' struggles as possible breaches may appear in the course of the realignments in the international imperialist system.
In the  EU, we witness a new wave of state-sponsored anti-communist onslaught that is accompanied by an intense ideological campaign against the communist identity and a multifaceted support to various opportunist and liquidationary currents that push for the dispersion of the Communist Parties into ambiguous formations "of the left".

This anticommunist offensive is an essential supplement of the imperialist offensive, of the fierce attack on the democratic, labour and social rights of the workers.  Social democracy, but regretfully also a series of forces of the so-called "Party of the European Left" and others that identify
themselves as left, align with it.

Dear comrades,

Over the last years multilateral and joint initiatives of Communist and Workers' Parties have been multiplied. Our party welcomes the recent
regional meetings of the Middle East and East Mediterranean, of the EU countries, and we look forward to the realisation of the 10th International
Meeting of Communist and Workers' Party in 2008 for the first time in Latin America, in Brazil. 


At the same time, we have the opinion that there is a need to step up cooperation at a higher level. As long as a strong and distinct communist
movement capable of revitalising the socialist perspective and conduct a strategic counter-attack does not emerge, the popular movements will be more vulnerable. Communist Parties who uphold Marxism-Leninism and believe in the necessity and realism of the struggle for socialism may have a particular contribution in this.

With these thoughts, we wish you success in your struggles and we hope that our fraternal relations will be further developed.


The Central Committee of KKE