People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 18

May 11, 2008



Greetings From The Communist Party Of The Peoples Of Spain

COMRADES, it is an honour to represent the Spanish Marxist-Leninist Communists in this Congress of the Indian Communists.


We are seeing in Coimbatore the great presence of the CPI (M) and their militant activity in every corner of this nice city.


The struggle of the communists is proving to be necessary everywhere in the world in order to put an end to capitalism.


In India, Asia, Europe and the whole planet we can see that capitalism, in all its phases and stages, is the worst form of organisation of humanity. While capitalism exists, there will be war, injustice, inequality, famine, illiteracy, unculture, insufficient health care and non decent housing.


Only socialism and communism will bring to every man and woman the full enjoyment of all the possibilities that science and new technologies allows.


The government in Spain is formed by the social-democrats at a global level, helped by other minor parties, among them the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) through United Left (IU). In the 17 regions of Spain different alliances are in the government, some from the right-wing and some so-called left-wing, with PCE+IU. Unfortunately where the Euro communists (PCE+IU) are participating in the government with a social-democratic majority, the political and economical decisions are still useful for capitalism and the world economic globalisation, closing down companies, unemployment increase, arrests and prison for workers' and unionist leaders, privatisation of the health care and the education, etc. That is why the PCE+IU has been punished by the voters on last March 9 elections. They have passed from five to two seats in the Congress (we had had 25 after the death of the fascist dictator Franco). The Marxist-Leninist communists, and our party the PCPE, have doubled the votes and for the first time we have been present in almost every circumscription (94 percent). But we still do not have seats in the parliament, although we have popular representatives elected at other levels.


We expect a great success for this 19th Congress and for all the communists of India.


With revolutionary and internationalist greetings


Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain