People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 18

May 11, 2008



Resolution on Sri Lankan Situation

The 19th congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) views with serious concern the escalation of hostilities between the armed forces of the Sri Lanka government and the LTTE.

The Ceasefire Agreement brought some respite, though there were violations on both sides. By terminating the ceasefire, a signal has gone that the military option will be pursued.

The 19th congress of the CPI(M), while reiterating that a political solution has to be achieved within the framework of a united Sri Lanka, underlines that the entire problem which assumed serious dimension since the 1980s cannot have a military solution.

The Sri Lankan government, apparently encouraged by the advances made by the armed forces in the east, has launched its offensive in the north as well. The LTTE on its part has stepped up its suicide squad attacks and vowed to intensify its armed struggle for carving out a separate Tamil state.

The Tamil people in the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka are the worst victims of such an untenable stance of the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE. Caught in the crossfire between the two sides, thousands of Tamil people have been displaced. There is a regular influx of Sri Lankan Tamils into Tamilnadu as refugees. A large section of Tamils are forced to live as refugees on Sri Lankan soil itself.

The grim situation in Sri Lanka, the growing number of Tamil refugees seeking asylum in India, have evoked serious concern in Tamilnadu. As the sea waters between Sri Lanka and India has also become a theatre of war between the Sri Lankan government and LTTE, the fishermen of Tamilnadu belonging to the coastal areas have become worst sufferers. The clandestine attempts by the LTTE to use the coastal areas should also be checked.

The 19th congress of the CPI(M) urges the government of India to continue efforts to facilitate the peace process and ensure a political solution, with the provision of autonomy for the Tamil speaking regions within the framework of united sovereign Sri Lanka.

The 19th congress of the CPI(M) appeals to all democratic forces in Sri Lanka to reach a consensus on finding a political solution to the Tamil issue, so that peace can be restored, and in a united Sri Lanka the concern of all communities can be addressed.