People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 16

April 27, 2008



Greetings From AKEL –Progressive Party Of The Working People Of Cyprus

DEAR Comrades, it is a great pleasure to be standing here, at the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on behalf of my Party, AKEL – The Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus. Together with messages of friendship and solidarity from the Cypriot people, I also have the honour of bringing to you comradely greetings from the Central Committee of AKEL.

Our Parties have always stood together. In the struggle to achieve our goals and ideals of socialism, to protect the independence of our country and provide social justice for our people, solidarity between Parties of the Left is of utmost importance. We have been following the course of your Party and of the situation within India and we know very well the battles you waged to safeguard the interest of your people and your country, but also the significant role it continues to play in the fight against imperialism and for a better life. In this courageous struggle, we stand by your side.

Your devotion and dedication to opposing imperialist designs, capitalist policies and protecting the interests of India have been continuously put to the test these last few years, a test which you have passed successfully. Your role in preventing the UPA government’s neo-liberal inclination and in opposing a strategic alliance with the USA is a testament of your resolve. Such an agreement would endanger India’s independence, render the country subservient to the US by becoming a puppet in its imperialist global strategy of ‘pre-emptive strikes’, orchestrated ‘regime changes’, prevention of independent development, domination of natural resources and imposition of hegemony. India’s development in all spheres during the last few years, have made it an attractive target as well as a competitor in the international arena.

Soon you will be facing another general election. We wish you success in your endeavour to expand your Party and lead a strong independent campaign throughout the country. We are confident that the joint efforts of the Left Parties of India, will meet your aspirations and fight to defend the interests of the working people. As such, your strong and united presence in the Lok Sabha is imperative in order to pressure the government, forcing it to take pro-people policies and conduct an independent foreign policy that will stand strong in the face of aggressive imperialism.


As you know we recently had presidential elections in Cyprus. With its vote, the people have honoured Comrade Demetris Christofias, general secretary of our Party, by electing him president of the Republic. For the first time in Cyprus’ history, the president is the leader of the Left. Our joy at this historical moment is great. However, at the same time, we are conscious of the burden of responsibility that we are being asked to carry.

Comrade Demetris Christofias was elected on the basis of a democratic, pro-peoples programme, with a focus on the struggle for a just solution to the Cyprus issue, and a socio-economic agenda based on a more just society within the framework of the current social system. We know very well that in this area, things will not be easy since Brussels has predominantly neoliberal views and policies. But we will give our struggle. We will uphold the conquests of the working people and we will promote the pro-people social policy which Demetris Christofias has committed himself to providing. We believe that we will succeed with the support of the people.

With the election of Comrade Christofias there is a new feeling of confidence that Cyprus can look forward to better days. Precisely because his political will to work for a solution on the basis of the UN resolutions is given, immediately after his election a new climate has emerged. Demetris Christofias, his government and we as a Party will do all we can to pave the way towards a solution. We will work with honesty for a bizonal, bicommunal federal solution. However, we insist on certain basic principles such as the ending of the occupation, the ending of the illegal settlements and dependence on foreign powers and demand the restoration of the human rights of our people.

As I have already stated, we will, with good faith, do all we can. Yet for there to be a solution it is imperative that Ankara changes its policy. Now there is no excuse for the international community not to exert its pressure on Ankara. And this is exactly what we demand from all those who have declared their willingness to help with a solution.

In this important battle we also ask you, as a member of the Non-Aligned movement to continue providing us with your support and solidarity in this crucial path towards the reunification of our homeland.

Once again we thank you for your invitation and wish you success for the work of the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Thank you.