People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 16

April 27, 2008



Greetings From The Communist Party Of Israel

DEAR Comrades, on the occasion of your 19th Congress we have the honor of extending to all members and supporters of your Party, warm fraternal greetings.

Your Congress is taking place at very difficult times, when the US imperialism is launching war over many countries and peoples, creating death, destruction and suffering in Afghanistan, Iraq, attacking Venezuela, threatening Iran and Syria in an attempt of creating another regional war in the Middle East. The US imperialism under the cover of defending democracy is attacking democracy, under the name of “fighting terrorism” is implementing terror against nations.

The real plan behind all these imperialist atrocities, is to bring a basic change in the international relations, so that the US hegemony and the multinational corporations are strengthened in all continents.

In our region, the Israeli government is playing a major role in service of the US imperialism by the continued occupation of the Palestinian Territories, continuous siege over Gaza Strip and the war crimes committed by the Israeli Army against civilians, the continuous enlargement of settlements, the construction of the Apartheid Wall meant to sabotage any opportunity for bringing an Israeli Palestinian peace.

We the Communist Party of Israel call upon all supporters of peace and democracy in Israel and in the world, to stand up against the cynical exploitation and war hysteria created by the Israeli government to magnify the oppression of the occupation.

We in the Communist Party of Israel believe that the road to peace and security of both peoples, the Israeli and the Palestinian, passes through the end of occupation, evacuation of all Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the establishment of a Palestinian State alongside Israel in the borders of 1967 with east Jerusalem its Capital and the solution of the refugees problem in accordance with the UN Resolutions.

In the last few years, the working class in Israel is facing a vicious neo liberal economic policy, privatisation is releasing thousands of workers into the unemployment market facing poverty and huge cuts in the social benefits. The privatisation of the health system is creating a situation that the right for adequate health system is privilege for the rich. We believe that we have a major role to play on that front too.

We look forward for the fruitful discussions that you will have in your Congress and call for solidarity with the struggle of our party and all peace lovers among the people in Israel and Occupied Palestine for ending the occupation and for Just peace.

Dear Comrades,

In the name of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Israel, we wish you all the success in your struggle and look forward for strengthening the fraternal relations and cooperation between our two parties in the future.

General secretary

Communist Party of Israel