People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 12

March 23, 2008



Splendid Victory Strengthens Our Struggle For A Better Future

Haripada Das

CELEBRATING the Left Front’s splendid victory in the recently held Assembly elections in Tripura, Left Front committee organised a huge victory rally on March 11, 2008 at Astabal Maidan, Agartala. Practically, the congregation was so vast that all the lanes and roads of Agartala town were filled with the jubilant marchers. The red wave of thousands of volunteers comprising all sections of the people and spectacularly of the tribals and women practically gripped the entire town. Large section of the rallyists, young and women were putting colours on one another in a festive atmosphere. The rally was presided over by senior Party leader and CPI(M) state secretary Baidyanath Majumder. The speakers who addressed the rally were Sitaram Yechury, Biman Bose, both Polit Bureau members of CPI(M), Manik Sarkar, newly assumed chief minister and Polit Bureau member of CPI(M), CPI leader and West Bengal minister Srikumar Mukharjee, RSP leader from West Bengal Manoj Bhattacharjee, CPI(M) Central Committee member and minister Aghore Debbarma, and Khagen Das, convenor, Tripura Left Front committee. In the beginning, Baidyanath Majumder called on the dais one after another newly assumed ministers and introduced them to the audience. The rallyists greeted them with roaring cheers.

Hailing the people of Tripura for their historic mandate overwhelmingly in favour of the Left Front for the fourth consecutive term, the speakers called upon the Party rank and file to consolidate this victory and win over as many people as possible still lying in the wrong camps. Elections to Tripura Legislative Assembly this time set a new record not only in the country but also in the whole world in terms of voters’ turn out as well as in conduct of election in most free and fair atmosphere having not a single complaint from any quarter. The so called allegation of scientific rigging and use of muscle power against the CPI(M) propagated by Congress has proved to be totally baseless.

Explaining the wider nationwide impact of this great victory, Sitaram said, this victory would give a boost to our struggle against Indo-US nuclear deal, privatisation of the public sector and the anti-people policies of the UPA government. Referring to the plight of the peasantry of the country, Sitaram said, the waiver of bank loan as provided in the budget proposal will be of no use if the peasants are not rescued from the yoke of private money-lenders. So it is essential that an effective plan should be chalked out to save them from self-destruction. Lambasting the so called economic growth claimed by the central government, Sitaram said while there are 36 billionaires in the country at present, 77 percent of the population have to manage their livelihood only with rupees twenty per day, Sitaram informed.

Talking of the RSS-BJP’s recent dastardly attacks on our Party in various parts of the state, including the Party’s Central Committee office in New Delhi, Sitaram said, Hitler whom they regard as their ideal for propagating racism, could not annihilate the communists from the world. Rather he had to perish himself. Communists world over shall continue their struggle for transformation of the society so long exploitation of man by man persists. The future lies with the communists, he said.

Congratulating the people of Tripura on behalf of people of West Bengal, CPI(M) West Bengal unit and the West Bengal Left Front committee for their historic victory in this election, Biman Bose said, the emergence of the 6th Left Front government in Tripura is the outcome of unique fraternity and amity of the people belonging to tribals and nontribals in the state. And for this exemplary unity, all credit goes the CPI(M) which has a glorious tradition of united struggle for long past. Tripura has set a dazzling example of preservation of unity of poor, protecting the democratic rights and above all maintaining peace to ensure commendable progress in all spheres. The whole country should take lesson from Tripura and certainly, the people of West Bengal have much to learn from you, Biman Bose said. The people of Tripura have many achievements, but many more have to be achieved through united struggle. So the Left Front government is the weapon for carrying on the ongoing struggle in the days to come, said Biman Bose. He also warned the people against the RSS-BJP’s drive for dividing the people on religious and racial lines, which may pose a serious threat to our national integrity.

Manik Sarkar congratulated the voters who voted the Left Front to office for the fourth consecutive time, and also the electors who voted the opposition and thus contributed in exhibiting this Assembly election to be a model election before the country that were held in a most peaceful, free and fair atmosphere with a record turnout. Explaining the impact of this landslide victory in the national arena, newly assumed chief minister Manik Sarkar said, through this popular mandate people of Tripura have given us a greater responsibility. They expressed deep confidence that only the Left Front shall have the sincerity to bring about further advancement of the state. We must have invincible conviction to honour this trustworthiness. The government will make its best efforts to implement the election pledges in letter and spirit. He sought cooperation from all sections of the people in this regard. At the same time, Manik Sarkar alerted the Party workers to not turn arrogant or suffer from boastfulness from this victory, and rather be more modest and polite while dealing with the people.

Manik Sarkar requested the people to point out the mistakes in the functioning of the government fearlessly. “We are not ashamed to admit our mistakes. If it is pointed out by the people, with all earnestness we shall make corrective measures,” Manik Sarkar said. At the same time, he asserted that so far as the Left Front government is concerned, it is not the government of only Left Front supporters. It is a government of 35 lakh people of the state. There is no room for Party biasness in performing duty inside the government, he said.

Explaining the important role of the opposition in the parliamentary democracy, Manik Sarkar greeted the Congress-INPT candidates who won the election. Certainly they are at liberty to pursue their own political agenda quite different from that of ours. But, Manik Sarkar urged, in respect of people’s welfare and state’s progress, we should set aside all political differences to materialise our demands from unwilling hands of the centre, Manik Sarkar urged.

Manik Sarkar gave a clarion call to the misguided youth still adhering to the wrong path of extremism, to come back to the mainstream to take part in the state’s progress. Terming them the ‘boys of our own house’, Manik Sarkar said, ‘Independent Tripura’ is a day dream never to be materialised. Many of the boys could realise this and returned home abjuring arms. Some of them are acting as espionage on behalf of ISI and CIA who are trying to split India. If you have any sort of problem to open dialogue with the state government, we are frank to arrange parlays with central government, Manik Sarkar said.

Baidyanath Majumder in his address said, as the popular mandate is for peace, stability and progress and it is our utmost duty to fulfill the aspiration of the masses and honour their verdict.

Srikumar Mukharjee greeted the people of Tripura and urged upon the people to strengthen the unity of the poor for the struggles in the coming days.

Manoj Bhattacharjee appealed to the Congress to take lesson from their debacles in one after another states and advised them to change their policy direction in favour of millions of poor of the country before it is too late.

Aghore Debbarma said, in spite of the high turn out of electors, we were confident that Left Front would be emerging with greater strength. We believed so because we did not take any single anti-people measure during our last tenure. Those who relied on jungle force and unfair means to grab power highjacking the people’s opinion, are now frustrated. It is time to expose them further and isolate them from the people.

Left Front convenor Khagen Das congratulated all concerned for conducting such a model election in the state.