People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 51

December 23, 2007

LF Govt Sets Up Task Force

For Development Of Nandigram


Bengal Left Front government has decided to set up a task force for the drawing up of a plan towards acceleration of the process of development of Nandigram. For the past nearly one year, the area had faced ravages of anarchy, murder, terrorism, and complete lack of development because of the anti-people initiatives of the forces of reaction and of Left sectarianism. Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee stated this at a session of the state assembly recently.


In a heinous effort to corner and then wipe out the CPI(M) from Nandigram, the Bengal opposition spared no efforts to cause extreme plight to the rural poor of Nandigram, simply because of the latterís refusal to join hands with the marauders, a large number of whom came from outside of the district and the state.


Until now, Rs 70 lakh has been allocated from the chief ministerís relief fund for the Nandigram people affected by the unrest to purchase daily necessities, and to have their houses rebuilt and repaired as the case might be. In all, 560 houses have been completely razed and 399 houses partially damaged.


138 Mt of rice and Rs 5,03,000 have been distributed for incidental help to the affected people.  1250 dhotis, 5000 lungis, 4000 saris, 6500 childrenís clothes, 6500 sheets of blankets, and 50 polyester sheets have been allocated and distributed.  Several government medical teams, teams of Red Cross doctors, and medical persons of several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have treated the people of Nandigram for various kinds of ailments.


Developmental work had come to a standstill at Sonachura, Gokulnagar, Kalicharanpur, Daudpur, and Samsabad, and Amdabad Gram Panchayats. Developmental work has commenced under initiative of the state government in all these GPs.  Annual meetings of all GPs have already been held and dates for the congregation of the Gram Sansads have been fixed.


Working of the rationing system, mid-day meal programmes, and ICDS initiative has started again.  Tasks under such schemes of rural development as NREGA will start soon.  To assist the kisans, who had missed the Kharif season of cropping and harvesting, for the upcoming Rabi season, the state government has allocated the following mini-kits:


Mini-kit for








Oil seeds







Each Gram Panchayat has seen the setting up of peace committees with participation of the representatives of various political parties.  The task force will soon draw up a comprehensive plan for the development of Nandigram soon, informed Buddhadeb.