People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 48

December 02, 2007



RSS Plans Riots In Kerala


C P Aboobacker


KERALA Intelligence Head Quarters has received shocking reports of RSS conspiracy to unleash serial attacks on educational institutions and political enemies. For this the communal outfit has collected explosives and diverse designed lethal weapons. It is also reported that many RSS centers including MG College, Thiruvananthapuram have heaps of explosives and weapons gathered for the purpose. The Home department has directed the police to take stringent actions following the receipt of this report.




RSS might not be alone in the connivance. The UDF whose slandering machines have all failed miserably in the last one and a half years against the LDF government and the CPI(M), is aptly in their natural role of encouraging the cut-throat friend to launch an unwarranted spree of criminal assaults on the innocent people who have sympathies towards CPI(M) or the LDF. The UDF’s aim is to campaign that the law and order situation is bad and get some political mileage out of it. Unfortunately all their attempts to slander the LDF and the leaders of the CPI(M) have failed miserably and recoiled against the UDF. They tried to implicate CPI(M) leaders in the Kilirur case, and in many other issues. In the Munnar land recapture bid, the UDF tried to malign the LDF parties, but now reports are abundant that it was the UDF that was criminally involved in the land grab. All hue and cry made by the UDF went against them and for the time being UDF has become a nonentity in the state politics.


So, UDF is desperate to create a showdown. If they are unable to do it, they have their natural ally, RSS, which is only willing to split the blood of innocent human beings to do it. This is the background in which the conspiracy has taken place. They have selected three districts to run their serial attacks: Palakkad, Kannur and Kozhikode. In Kozhikode their target is Marad, the most sensitive area in the district, where lives of more than a dozen people were taken by communal vendetta. The Sangh-parivar did not have an immediate provocation for the recent attacks on the CPI(M) sympathizers. It killed Gopalakrishnan and Revindran at Malampuzha, the constituency of the chief minister. Both the murders were implicitly unprovoked. Their killing of the assistant sub inspector of police Mr Elias at Changanassery NSS College was also unprovoked. It is the media that gave them a reason; all Sangh-parivar assaults are described by the media as clashes; in fact no where clashes took place in the recent incidents of RSS violence. RSS comes in many guises; now days it is in the attire of students they appear. It is the ABVP. In fact in places where the ABVP has attacked SFI cadre, the presence of the former is insignificant; assailants are outsiders coming to the campus and attack the students and the police. Media is aware of this, but reports it as clashes leading to violence. Media has been trained fully and equipped with fabricated data to feed their columns or channels.




The government has taken measures to stop the violence. The police are alerted completely. The RSS attacks on the CPI(M) workers at Thalassery, Kannur was quite unexpected and unprovoked. There was no semblance of any political quarrel. A car, taking children away from school, was chased by the RSS goons, and the driver Sudheer was chopped to pieces in front of the children in the car. Comrade Sudheer was only a sympathizer of the Party, not an activist. This shows the purport of the assailants. They just wanted to provoke the Party cadre into retaliation so that UDF can start crying about the end of law and order.


The Intelligence is said to have collected reports about he recruitment of the Sangh-parivar men below the age of thirty for the present purpose. The police have identified certain places and persons who are directly connected with the conspiracy.




CPI(M) state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has appealed to all people in the state to isolate the RSS to save the state and its peaceful life. Vijayan has pointed out that the RSS is not alone; it is given all encouragement and help by the UDF. The UDF supreme Oommen Chandy was whitewashing the misdeeds of RSS criminals who killed the ASI Mr Elias at Changanassery NSS College. This shows that the Congress leadership and the UDF have evolved a policy of rendering covert and overt support to the RSS killings in the state. Vijayan has requested the government and the police to take all possible measures to stop violence. He has called upon the Party workers and sympathizers to keep vigil and not succumb to RSS provocations and to maintain peace and harmony in social and political life.