People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 48

December 02, 2007

JKDYF To Launch Struggles For Jobs


THE second state conference of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Youth Federation (JKDYF) was held on November 25-26, 2007. The conference was inaugurated by Tapas Sinha, general secretary of DYFI. In his address, he explained the situation prevailing in the country in detail and suggested that only broad based youth movement can change the unfavorable policies pursued by the government of India.


The conference deliberated over the report presented by Mohd Amin Dar, general secretary of JKDYF. The report highlighted the problems faced by the people in general and youth in particular. “The basic requirements of a decent human existence are still not within the reach of the people and even what they have is increasingly coming under threat”, it mentioned. The report further highlighted that “Not only are the existing job opportunities being squeezed but the present work force is being thrown out of work in the name of modernization, while some lucrative jobs are being offered for the top slots with high pay packets. The youth with average educational qualifications are denied any opportunity”. Against the background of this stark reality the youth community has no other alternative but to organise more and more united struggles against unemployment, poverty and social injustice.


The conference unanimously adopted the following resolutions

  1. On unemployment: The rising numbers of the unemployed youth in the sate is not only proving detrimental to the vital needs of the community but is also wasting the talent and potentials of the aspiring young men and women of the state. The amount of human frustration thus produced provides a fertile ground for anti-social and negative tendencies to develop.


This conference resolves to wage a relentless struggle for shift in economic policies of the state for generation of jobs and in the meantime providing adequate monthly employment allowance to the jobless youth.

  1. On Human Rights: This conference resolves to continue its struggle against violations of human rights in the state, for constitution of a high powered credible Human Rights Commission to investigate and report the truth about the custodial killings, disappearances and identification of guilty and their punishment.

  2. On Democratic Rights: This conference resolves to fight against every authoritarian measure against the democratic struggles by the administration and pledges to join the youth and other sections of toiling people in defence of their struggle for democratic rights.


Resolutions against corruption and commercialisation of education were also adopted.


In the concluding session a 25- member state executive committee with Mohd Iqbal as president and Mohd Amin Dar as general secretary was elected unanimously.


A massive rally was held on November 25 at Kulgam. Thousands of young people shouting slogans for employment and other problems came in processions and joined the rally. The rally was presided over by Mohd Afzal Parry, district president Kulgam, and addressed by leaders of youth federation.


M Y Tarigami, state secretary of CPI(M) addressing the rally said it is the youth of the state who have been the victims and now they have to come forward, energise the whole society for re-shaping the future which promises hope and security for the younger generation.


He said unemployment and insecurity are very serious issues for our future. Unfortunately those who yield power, both at centre and state, have ignored these very issues directly linked with our survival. It is high time the youth stand up and launch united struggles and force the powers that be to change the policies, which have only resulted in pauperisation and deprivation of our people.


He said that the confrontationist path and the animosity between the two countries, India and Pakistan, has not only impeded the socio-economic progress in the region, but also played havoc with the lives of millions of our poor people. Domestic compulsions either in Pakistan or in India should not be an excuse for delaying and derailing the process. We once again urge upon the authorities of both the countries to rise above narrow considerations and more so we appeal to democratic movements, primarily youth movement, in both the countries to assert and ensure that the process of peace and reconciliation is strengthened, said Tarigami. “How long we have to wait for promises made by the government of India regarding implementation of recommendations made by working groups to be fulfilled? Who stops the government to take measures in releasing those not involved in heinous crimes? What stops the government of India and the state government from sharing the actual position of the disappeared persons with their families? The cycle of terror and counter terror has made the life of our people miserable. It is time for all of us irrespective of political affiliations to unitedly raise our voice against every shade of violations,” Tarigami said.


Tarigami felt that vacating the government buildings and orchards by the security forces is a welcome step but it cannot be a substitute for our demand for reducing the troops, which is by all accounts disproportionate as per the prevailing situation. Referring to the coalition government, he said that it is unfortunate that instead of improving governance and mitigating the problems faced by the people, the coalition is busy in recriminating each other. The performance of the government is under scanner. It is time for the government to act and deliver on the ground, he cautioned.


Addressing the rally, Tapas Sinha, general secretary of DYFI said that the imperialist driven economic policies of Manmohan Singh government have brought decline in the employment generation. The effect is multifaceted, extending to all spheres. After 60 years of independence, 21 crore people still suffer due to hunger, 36 crore are illiterate including 20 crore children in the age group of 5-9 years. 16 crore youth are unemployed in the country. He said the political instability in J&K has created handicaps for the common masses. Since last 18 years, no industrial development has taken place while the state government has failed to fill 36 thousands posts lying vacant. He said the agonies and miseries of people of J & K have reached a point, which requires immediate attention and action. Return of peace to the state assumes primary importance in the entire region. A common effort by all the concerned people should be initiated to end violence in the region. He urged upon the government to take courageous steps to solve the problem through dialogue. He appealed to the people of J&K especially the youth to take active part in the peace restoration process through democratic means.


Mohd Amin Dar, general secretary, Kishore Kumar, acting president and Mohd Yaqoob Ganie, former president of the Youth Federation while addressing the rally said that the youth of the state need redressal of their day-to-day grievances, which cannot be delayed. The mounting restlessness of the youth as a result of the stagnating employment situation requires immediate attention from the government. They urged upon the state government to provide adequate monthly employment allowance to the jobless youth.