People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 48

December 02, 2007



Week Long Campaign On Nandigram


BIHAR state secretariat of CPI(M) has decided to organize processions, meeting for a week starting from 19 to 26 November in support of the Left Front government stand on Nandigram. The two day bandh call by CPI(Maoist) has failed miserably in Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal because people understand the truth behind Singur and Nandigram. The same discredited force s in West Bengal and earlier tried to stop CPI(M) and Left Front forces from implementing an alternative vision of economic and industrial development in singur. Unfortunately for these bourgeois parties like Trinmool Congress, Indian Congress and BJP and some misguided left elements like Maoists and disgruntled naxalities, they failed to convince the people.


As far as Nandigram is concerned these anti-communist parties and elements are trying to make a mountain out of a mole. Since West Bengal chief minister Buddhadeo Bhattacharya declared in March that there will be no chemical hub if the people don’t want it and as such there is no question of acquiring the land in Nandigram. Then why are these defeated (7 times continuously since 1977) and disgruntled elements not allowing the police and administration to function? Why the pulse polio programme is not allowed to take place? Why are they smuggling arms from outside not only Nandigram but also from outside West Bengal? Why are the bridges and approach roads are cut? Why are the landmines laid? Why were they not allowing the duly elected gram panchayats, most of which are won by CPI(M) and left parties to function? Why were 3500 CPI(M) workes and supporters forced out of their villages and not allowed to return for almost one year? Why were 27 poor agricultural workers and peasants of CPI(M) intimidated, and murdered in these 11 months? Do they think that Left Front has come to power and still surviving for the last 30 ears by abandoning the well-established principle of “class struggle”? If they indulge in violence, why is there is no hue and cry by these bourgeoisie parties leadership, H. E. the governor of West Bengal or the hon’ble high court judges? Can our institutions afford to be selective and partial? The Raj Bhawan and the High Court should be kept out of political partisan role.


CPI(M) has fought the semi-fascist terror from 1972 to 1977 when the whole nation was made a hostage from 1975 to 1977 and defeated the authoritarian forces. At that time also, CPI(M) fought and defeated all these tactics, and is one again committed to defeat the design of he imperialist backed right reactionaries aided and abetted by the naxalities whether it is West Bengal or any other state.


The ridiculous statement of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar that the compensation given for the land by the Bihar government is the best in India, we like to print out that while 12 lakhs rupees per acre were paid in Singur to the peasants, 6 lakhs per acre to share-croppers apart from sincere efforts towards rehabilitation and jobs to those who were displaced. It is for everyone to see that the Bihar government has dispossessed the peasants for a petty sum everywhere including Nalanda, the home town of Nitish Kumar.