People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 47

November 25, 2007



October Revoluiton Day Observed With Revolutionary Fervour


Haripada Das


OBSERVING the 90th anniversary of Great October Revolution, CPI(M) workers in Tripura resolved to steadfastly face the challenges before the country as well as the state. The day was observed through out the state with due solemnity. Party and CITU offices were decorated with Red flags. Most of the divisional committees organised hall meetings observing the day, to draw lessons from this great historic event. Party daily Desher Katha brought out a special issue on this occasion.


In Agartala, Sadar divisional committee organised a hall meeting. At the outset, floral tributes were paid to Lenin’s photo, the architect of the great Revolution ninty years back. Manik Sarkar, Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M) and Samar Adhya, Sadar divisional committee secretary addressed the hall meeting chaired by Chhaya Bal, state committee member.


Manik Sarkar said, October Revolution is a ray of inspiration before the working class of the world in their struggle for transformation of this exploitative society and it will be so in future also. October Revolution sparked off tremendous aspirations in the minds of the working class of contemporary world which led to indomitable struggle for national liberation, materialisation of working class rights, abolition of gender discrimination, ensuring basic needs of the workers and the creation of a welfare state. All these afflicted a serious blow to the very roots of capitalism, Manik Sarkar said.


Socialist revolution in erstwhile USSR proved its dominance till the nineties. Referring to the high pitched anti-communist propaganda unleashed by the capitalist intelligentia, Manik Sarkar said, those who are advocating that Marxism has lost all its relevance in the present day perspective, cannot deny the basic contradictions still prevalent in the world and in various countries. Rather, they are aggravated in several areas, Manik Sarkar said. So it is not the fault of Marxism responsible for collapse of Soviet Union, but the application of it, which was anticipated much before its collapse, Manik Sarkar asserted. China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea are still flying the red flag atop defying the barbaric sanctions of the capitalist world to throttle socialism, Manik Sarkar said.


Pointing to the national situation, Manik Sarkar said, the CMP, on the basis of which Leftists are lending support to the UPA government from outside, is not a panacea, but it has some provisions to give relief to the poorer sections. But, in spite of the insistence by the Left, UPA is showing scant regard to the CMP, he said.


Explaining the hollowness of the much flaunted 10 per cent GDP growth rate, Manik Sarkar asked, of what use it is, when hunger, unemployment rises, kisans commit suicide and the common people are burdened with the spiraling price rise. Terming the Indo-US nuclear deal as a treacherous deal of the US to draw India into their strategic alliance, Manik Sarkar said, “Can anybody cite a single instance of any international deal that USA accorded, delivered good to the other country?”


Talking of the state situation, Manik Sarkar stated that in the run up to the Assembly elections scheduled in the early next year, opposition parties have united to re enact the scenario of 1988 elections. The extremist forces, though not extinct, have weakened. Most of the cadres of the extremist outfits are keen to come back to the mainstream. But their patrons in the open political front are resisting homecoming, advising them to wait till elections. Manik Sarkar appealed to the peace-loving democratic minded people of the state to keep a vigil against the desperate subversive attempts of such forces. He called on the Party activists to win over the masses still allied with the opposition for ensuing victory in the Assembly elections and form the sixth Left Front government in Tripura, which will ultimately pave the way to emergence of a third alternative at the national level.