People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 46

November 18, 2007

Nandigram : People's Assertion


WHAT Nandigram has been witnessing since January 3 this year is a ‘violent and undemocratic offensive' to displace legitimate representatives of the people. People evicted from the area for being sympathetic to the Left Front government were not allowed to go back to their homes or cultivate their fields. Ultimately people have asserted and they have been able to return to their villages.


This is how CPI(M) general secretary, Prakash Karat saw developments centered on Nandigram Block- 1 and 2 areas. He was addressing the media on November 12 after the two day meeting of Party Polit Bureau. Karat expressed the hope that now with people returning to their villages and state machinery entering Nandigram area, normalcy may return. He asserted that the Left Front government will ensure return of everybody belonging to this area irrespective of their political affiliations.


Firmly rebuffing charges of indiscriminate violence by CPI(M) and the state machinery, Karat pointed out that since January Nandigram was facing an unnatural situation. The gang up of anti-CPI(M) and anti-Left forces under the leadership of Trinmul Congress has virtually set up a parallel raj in the area. Administration was not allowed to enter that area. Karat also pointed out that Maoist armed squads coming specially from Jharkhand were also being utilised. Bunkers were being built, landmines were being laid and arms training camps were being organised. In this connection the CPI(M) leader also drew attention towards the recent statement of the National Security Adviser admitting activity of Maoist groups in Nandigram area.


CPI(M) general secretary said that the people of Bengal in elections at different level have repeatedly reposed confidence in the Left. With visible anger he said forces that were rejected by people cannot be allowed to deny people’s verdict through violence, helped by Maoists. Karat also said that though loss of lives due to abnormal situation developed in Nandigram is regrettable, one should not forget that in last ten months 27 CPI(M) workers and supporters have lost their lives for ‘crime’ of their political affinities. He also disagreed with some Left parties that have recently tried to put blame for violence in Nandigram on CPI(M) only. Replying to a spate of questions in this context, Karat said that undoubtedly being biggest component of the Left Front, CPI(M) shares maximum burden of maintaining and strengthening unity of the front. The Party will make all efforts for that, but other components of the front also have to carry their share of this responsibility.


Prakash Karat also told the press that the main agenda of two day Polit Bureau meeting was discussion on outline of Draft Political Resolution. On basis of this outline a draft will be prepared and placed before central committee meeting to be held in December. Answering questions on nuclear deal, Karat informed that the Left hopes that parliament will be able to discuss and opine on the matter in the forthcoming winter session. He also expressed hope that the next meeting of UPA-Left committee will be able to ‘sort-out’ the issues connected with deal.