People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 46

November 18, 2007

CPI(M) Orissa State Secretary Attacked


A GROUP of people engaged in ‘Amway’ group, an American business organisation attacked CPI(M) Orissa state secretay Janardan Pati on the evening of November 1. Party state committee member Suresh Panigrahi, Bhubaneswar district committee secretary J Samantraya, president of state Kisan Sabha, Nityananda Parida and office secretary of the Party Devendra Patra were also injured in the attack which evoked strong condemnation from all progressive forces in the state. CPI(M) later held a militant demonstration in Bhubhaneswar in condemnation of this attack.


A group of ‘Amway’ promoters had taken a hall on rent in the complex housing the Party office and were holding a meeting. On a flimsy ground they started quarrelling with the watchman of the Party office. And very soon they started beating everybody whom they came across. Even the Party state secretary was not spared and was beaten mercilessly by this mob. His shirt was torn, spectacles were smashed, his purse was looted, his wrist was damaged. The attackers numbering 25-30 also beat up four other comrades. And this happened when there were only six comrades present in the Party office.


Hearing the news of attack on Party office, a large number of comrades rushed to the spot. Seeing the Party workers, the attackers ran away leaving some of their vehicles. The police reached the Party office after one hour of the incident and later on six attackers were arrested by the police. On November 2 the police brought them to the court which remanded them to judicial custody.


On November 2, a large militant demonstration was organised by the Bhubhaneswar district committee in front of Amway office. The protestors marched from the Party office, which was 5 km away from the venue of demonstration. Party leaders addressing the demonstration demanded strong action against the culprits.


The CPI, CPI(ML), SP and Congress parties along with many writers of repute and a large number of journalists have condemned the attack on Party office and the Party secretary.


The state secretariat of the CPI(M) met and condemned the attack and called upon the Party members to organise a protest action through out the state. (INN)