People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 42

October 21, 2007



Ensure Left Front Victory With Greater Representation


Haripada Das


CPI(M) TRIPURA state committee meeting held on October 12-13,2007 gave a call to all its units, cadre, sympathisers and well-wishers to actively participate in the political-organisational preparations to ascertain Left Front victory in the ensuing Assembly elections, with bigger mandate, increasing the percentage of votes and seats. For achieving this goal, the state committee instructed its units to initiate maintenance of close interaction with each and every family, to make them understand the views of Left Front and the CPI(M) on various issues and steadfastly refute the denigrating campaign of the opposition forces. It asked the Party cadre to organise house meetings, market place meetings, street corner meetings, processions, which would be followed by medium, big and central rallies later on.


The state committee took note of the massive turn out of the masses in the protest demonstrations called by the Party against price rise, against Indo-US nuclear deal. The stand taken by the Party on nuclear deal earned tremendous response from the people of the state as was seen in the other parts of the country, state committee observed.


Reviewing current events, the state committee viewed that in the recent days, Party’s effective and timely intervention in each of the national and state issues resulted in widening of its acceptance among the masses. People of the state spontaneously rose in protest against the anti-development, anti-people, anti-democratic and vilification campaign let loose by the anti-Left Front opposition parties in the recent days. The forces of unity and amity got further consolidated with a resolve, to carry on developmental activities with a faster pace. For a sustainable development, the people appreciate there is no alternative to Left Front in the state, the state committee asserted.


The state committee observed with satisfaction that most of the Party branches successfully held their conferences and emerged further consolidated politically, organisationally and ideologically. It directed all its units to take special care to ensure enrolment of all the newly qualified voters in the ensuing summary revision of the electoral rolls. The meeting cautioned the people of the state about the subverting attempt either in the plains or in the hills by the anti-democratic forces to vitiate the peaceful electoral atmosphere in the state and in the event of any such attempt, it must be thwarted with a united move mobilising all sections of the people. The state committee also directed that any slanderous and misleading campaign must be refuted by means of instant programme.


At the outset, the state committee mourned and paid homage to Comrade Bahadur Singh Dhakad, Central Committee member and secretary of Madhya Pradesh unit of CPI(M) who passed away on September 19, 2007. The state committee also remembered the Birchandramanu martyrs and paid deep tributes to them, who sacrificed themselves to keep the red flag flying atop, on the black day of October 12, 1988 during Congress-TUJS semi-fascist regime.