People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 34

August 26, 2007

Trinamul Congress Goons Kill CPI(M) Workers At Amta, Haroa


TWO CPI(M) workers were martyred at the hands of goons in the pay of the Trinamul Congress at Amta in the Howrah district and at Haroa in the district of north 24 Parganas. At Chandrapur in Amta, comrade Musa Mondal (42) was on his way back from his place of work late in the evening when he was accosted and surrounded by 20-odd criminals of the Trinamul Congress. The assassins slashed away with sharp weapons and then shot him twice to make sure that he would die. Removed to a local hospital later, comrade Musa died soon after he was admitted there.


Comrade Musa was an active worker in the mass education movement. He was also involved in maintenance of peace and amity in the locale. Howrah district secretary of the CPI(M) Sridip Bhattacharya has condemned the killing and has called for an early apprehension of the killers. He has also called upon the Party workers to maintain peace in the area while organising large protest marches. Of the three accused taken into custody, one is a local Trinamul Congress unit president and the two others are anti-socials in the protection and pay of that party.


At Haroa, CPI(M) and AIKS worker comrade Arshad Ali Mollah was murdered at Bakjuri at Haroa. Comrade Arshad was involved in leading a struggle against the miscreants of the area, all belonging to the Trinamul Congress, who had a set up a so-called save agriculture committee and were carrying out anti-people initiatives through that forum. Comrade Arshad was sipping tea in the evening after a hard day’s work at a local brick kiln, when he was suddenly set upon by the Trinamul Congress hooligans. They attacked him with choppers and swords, and fled in the dark of the evening as the brick kiln workers started to chase them. Comrade Arshad (43) died while being taken to a hospital. Amitava Bose, secretary of the north 24 Parganas unit of the CPI(M) has denounced the murder and has called for an early arrest of the killers. (B P)