People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 24

June 17, 2007

Sidelights Of 6th All India Conference of AIAWU


THE question that was on the brink, to a great extent, was whether the 6th all India conference of the AIAWU could be possible in Punjab or not? On the early morning of June 3, the definite answer to this tentative question was reverberating all around the district of Nawanshaher. The gaily fluttering flags of AIAWU welcomed the delegates and guests of the conference! The comrades of Punjab succeeded in overcoming all impediments to make an all India conference successful, thereby heaving the flags of the toiling millions pompously.


The nearest railway station, Phagwara was almost 36 km away from the central point where the conference was held. The platform sported a gloomy, dejected face. The dismal facade of the morning was yet to brighten into ferocity of a mid-summer day. A small camp of the reception committee, outside the platform, brought into our mind a sense of sudden relief. The entire setting at once changed banners and festoons at every corner of the long road giving a decorative look to the city hosting the conference. And it is needless to say that concerning hospitality, the volunteers of Punjab deserve highest credit. The functionaries led by CPI(M) state secretary Balwant Singh were always in their frolic mood while restlessly looking after every comfort of the delegates. The much tired outlook of the morning gradually transformed into a politically conscious and thought evoking destination of the landless agricultural workers.


One of the most encouraging features was the unyielding determination demonstrated by the young volunteers. While chatting with one of them I could not resist myself from querying as to what makes him to render those whole three days for the sake of a Left organisation? He narrated that there are countless youngsters in Punjab who get stirred by one name, Bhagat Singh, and the Red flag is to them a symbol of obstinate battle against tyranny, deprivation and injustice. In no time I found myself entirely in the company of several such companions.


Resolutions of hope, aspiration and fight to protect the agricultural workers were resounding throughout period of the conference, with its spirit spreading far beyond. The newly elected committee of the union assured to carry forward uncompromising militant agitations unless the central government adopts new policies to safeguard the rural have-nots from all sorts of economic and social discriminations.


(Joydeep Basu)