People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 22

June 03, 2007


All India Demands Day On July 19


The national executive of the All India State Government Employees’ Federation (AISGEF) met at Bhopal on May 27-28, 2007 and issued the following statement:


AROUND 80 lakh state government employees, teachers and state PSU employees will be massively organising All India Demands Day on July 19, 2007 at all levels of the state to press forward the following 10-point urgent demands:


  1. Scrap Pension Reform Bill (PFRDA) pending in parliament and cancel notification for appointment of Pension Fund Managers. The existing Pension System should be introduced for new recruits also.

  2. Granting right to strike to the employees, if necessary, by framing necessary legislation.

  3. Merger of 50 per cent DA in full with basic pay with all consequent benefits and release of up-to-date instalments of DA.

  4. Stop privatising and downsizing of government sector, other central and state PSUs also and restructuring of state undertakings.

  5. Fill up vacant posts in all government departments, educational institutions and state undertakings.

  6. Stop contractual appointments and recruit employees, workers and teachers on regular basis and regularise all daily rate, casual, contingent or contract employees immediately and start recruitment on regular basis.

  7. Increase GPF, EPF and Small Savings Interest rates.

  8. Repeal all anti-worker measures and full trade union rights must be guaranteed.

  9. Immediate measures to be taken to bring down the abnormally rising of prices of all essential commodities and strengthen the Public Distribution System.

  10. Provide jobs to the jobless and social security measures for unorganised workers.


The national executive held at Bhopal on May 27-28, 2007 further authorised the AISGEF leadership to start immediate negotiations with other trade unions in central government, defence, railways, teaching community, bank and insurance sector for organising a National Convention at Delhi sometime in August 2007 to chalk out a countrywide and sustained programme of massive and united struggle which may include strike also against New Pension Scheme, for regularisation of casual, contract and daily rated employees, against privatisation, outsourcing and the offensives of imperialist globalisation.


The meeting urged all employees and teachers to remain firmly united in all states under the banner of AISGEF for successful implementation of these programmes and compel the government to retract from its path of anti-worker and anti-poor policies. (INN)