People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 15

April 15, 2007

Lie Campaign About Nandigram Exposed


THE vituperative lie campaign being carried out by sections of the media and by a host of anti-communist organisations, some claiming to be ‘voluntary,’ has been nailed well recently. Recent developments have brought to light the utter lie about 27 people having been kidnapped and / or killed ‘by the CPI (M)’ at Nandigram. 


The state Left Front government after enquiry has clearly stated that 25 of the missing 27 have been traced and are quite hale-and-hearty. One has been missing for a long period, certainly long before the March 14 incident occurred. The search is one for a lone missing person and the state LF government has no doubt that the concerned person has not been kidnapped and / or killed as has been the claim of the Trinamul Congress, the SUCI, the Maoists, the Naxalites and their well-wishers in the media and in the NGOs.


The charge carried in the Times of India of April 4 about a young girl having been raped by policemen and the charge having been confirmed by superior police officials has been another lie. Following a thorough and detailed medical check-up it has been found that the girl had not been either raped or molested. 


Another young girl was subsequently encouraged by elements of anarchy to lodge a report to the police that she, too, had been raped, and by three men. In this case also, the medical report clearly stated that there had been no rape or molestation committed on her.


Elsewhere, the Trinamul Congress has been desperate in preventing people from joining the public hearing going on at Nandigram. Until date, more than 2000 people have registered their names to take part in the public hearing on what happened at Nandigram on March 14. (B P)