People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 14

April 08, 2007

Ganashakti Exposes Trinamul’s Fake Missing List


The following are excerpts from a front page report appeared in Ganashakti newspaper dated April 04, 2007.


WITH facts emerging clearly that the list of 27 ‘missing’ persons produced by Trinamul Congress is a totally fake one, the Trinamul leaders – who have turned into neo-zamindars of captured Nandigram – began a new census for preparing a new list. They are going from house to house and it could be the beginning of a new conspiracy. Sitting besides the Talpati canal, Joydeb Paik on April 3 evening said: “Whatever may be their conspiracy, their falsehood and fudging will be exposed”.


It was evening then. Time was not waiting for unearthing the conspiracy. The statement of state home secretary Prasad Rajan Roy had reached near Bhangabari bridge south of Talpati in the evening itself. Those hapless people camping in the relief camp had come to know of the fact that of the 27 missing people, 25 had been found out. And everyone of them is alive. They are in various places. Out of the remaining two, one is missing since long. No whereabouts are known of another person and search is on. The court will be informed on April 9 about the 27 missing persons by the government through an affidavit, said the home secretary. Even then Trinamul worker, Adhu Tahir, said: “there are more missing persons, who says we are lying. List about them is being prepared.”


Let them get ready with their list. But it is known that Trinamul’s list depends upon the descriptions in Ananda Bazar Patrika. The paper had written about Durgapada Maity being missing after March 14 incidents. However it has been established that he had gone missing from March 4 itself and that he might have been seriously injured while making bombs on March 4. The same Ananda Bazar Patrika had to print on April 3 the following: “In Kalicharanpur, Kalibala Devi was sleeping in her verandah. She got up when we approached her. Nishibabu, her husband was also with her. When informed about Kalibala’s name figuring in the missing list even after so many days, a shocked Nishibabu told us that he had not said anything to anybody about his wife going missing. ‘On the fateful day, it was true she was little late to return. But why will she go missing? From that day onwards she is with me’, he said.”


On April 3 itself Ganashakti had carried a report that from March 14 onwards Nishikanto Patra and his wife Kalibala Patra have been living together as usual in Kalicharanpur. In the last one week Ganashakti had published three reports exposing the lies of Trinamul Congress about the missing 27. On March 28 Ganashakti reported that of the 27 missing, five are at present Tamluk jail, three are in hospitals, two of them died on March 14. This shows even those who had either died or convalescing in the hospitals and also undergoing imprisonment have been included in the Trinamul’s now famous ‘missing’ list.