People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 13

April 01, 2007

Punjab CPI(M) Reviews Election Results


The Punjab state committee of CPI(M) has issued the following statement on March 17:


THE Punjab state committee of CPI(M) held its meeting on March 16 which was presided over by Sukhwinder Singh Sekhon.


The state committee had a comprehensive review of the out come of Punjab Assembly elections. It observed that the major factors responsible for the victory of the Akali-BJP communal combine were anti-incumbency working against Amrinder government because of its anti people governance, sharp rise of prices of food items, no package announced by UPA government for Punjab and the division of secular votes.


The state committee expressed deep concern on BJP winning 19 seats and further observed that it is mainly because of alienation created by Amrinder Singh who took pantheist agendas indiscriminately to woe Sikh peasantry.


The state committee noted with dismay that joint front of CPI(M), CPI and Lok Bhalai party failed to succeed both in terms of seats and votes. The main reasons for this dismal performance are the sharp polarisation between the two main contenders i.e. Congress and Akali-BJP combine and also the fragile nature of the joint front which failed in reducing the number of seats and could not present joint manifesto and joint campaign.


The state committee further noted with concern that the election commission failed to check the corrupt practices indulged in by Congress as well Akali-BJP combine for influencing the voters like the use of alcohol, poppy and money amounting to crores of rupees. Allowing such corrupt practices to prevail unhindered makes mockery of the democratic election process. The role of media both print and electronic was violative of principles of free media, it played a partisan role for promoting two party system and ignored the front of Left secular forces.


The state committee feels that the coming into power of the Akali-BJP communal combine is a negative development because it shall further harden communal divide and also harm the interests of national unity and integrity. In so far as the economic issues of the people and development are concerned, nothing positive can be hoped from this bourgeois landlord combine that is committed to anti people neo-liberal policies.


The state committee calls upon the people to prepare for struggles for their issues and demands.


The state committee appreciated the party cadre for their efforts put in for running election campaign in very difficult conditions and uneven environment.


The state committee demanded that adequate compensation be given to all those peasants whose crops got damaged in recent incessant rains and hailstorm.


The state committee welcomed the announcement of Rs.100/- per quintal bonus on MSP of wheat.