People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 08

February 25, 2007

SFI Submits Memo On Ragging


THE Studentsí Federation of India (SFI) all India president R. Arun Kumar, Albeena Shakeel, joint secretary and Nithin, CEC member have submitted the following memorandum to the Supreme Court constituted committee against ragging in New Delhi on February 14. The following is the text of the memorandum


Ragging in campuses is a manifestation of coercive domination through the diversified use of class, caste, gender, region, language and race based hierarchies. The heroism created around the practices of ragging derives from the institutions of exploitation and discrimination embedded deep in our social fabric. Ragging seeks to create consent for other forms of exploitation in our society.


Ragging cannot be seen in isolation to the changes taking place in the society. The consumerist culture and discontent brewing in the society finds a vent through the means of ragging and harassment. Ragging thus should be viewed as a social problem than a law and order problem.
Ragging can be prevented only when:


1. Democratic atmosphere prevails in the campus

2. Students are involved in the process of prevention of ragging and they should be elected representatives of the student community

3. Immediate action should be taken on complaints

4. Action should be taken on the students indulging in ragging irrespective of their background

5. There is a stop on the degenerated culture that encourages ragging and other forms of harassment.


The punishment given to the students indulging in ragging should be based on the nature of the crime committed and the committees formed for this purpose should decide on this.