People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 06

February 11, 2007



CPI(M) Condemns SC Decision


THE Delhi state committee of the CPI(M) has strongly condemned the Supreme Court judgement banning cooking at the food vends on footpaths and by roadsides. It said the judgement would take away the livelihood of lakhs of people involved in this business. Besides, several lakhs of poor, working class, low-income and middle-income people who eat outside their homes will be denied fresh, hot and cheap food. It shows the extent to which the judiciary is cut off from the real life of the people and ground realities.


To the CPI(M), the judgement amounts to the judiciary usurping the powers of the government and municipal bodies whose job it is to maintain and regulate the standards of hygiene.


Saying that the livelihood at lakhs of people and their rights to have food of their choice cannot be taken away through judicial dictate, the CPI(M) has demanded that the government must appeal against this judgement or take appropriate measures to nullify it. The party has appealed to the people at large to raise their voice of protest against it and force the government to take steps in this direction. (INN)