People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 02

January 14, 2007

CPI(M) Outlines Campaign Movement


B Prasant


THE Bengal unit of the CPI(M) has resolved to carry out a wide campaign statewide during the months of January and February on the issue of development of the state. The decision was arrived at a recent meeting of the state committee prior to the meetings of the Polit Bureau and the central committee of the CPI(M) at Muzaffar Ahmad Bhavan in Kolkata. The campaign will be organised to counter also the anti-Left Front government and anti-CPI(M) campaign of hatred and misinformation currently being built up.


Biman Basu, state secretary of the Bengal unit of the Party said that the campaign movement would focus on four principal issues:


In the state committee meeting, Biman Basu dwelled on the current political situation in Bengal. He pointed out that it was emergent to counter in an organised manner the campaign going on against the CPI(M) and the Left Front government.


Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee explained the policy of the development of the LF government, outlining the steps being taken to implement the policy and the outlook for the days ahead. Buddhadeb placed the present socio-economic situation in the background of the land reforms in Bengal under the succeeding Left Front governments.


Buddhadeb pointed out that the Left Front government was building up its industrial policy while being sharply aware of the need to secure the interests of the kisans and the rural poor. Industrialisation must be pro-people and there must be a balance between agriculture and industry, the chief minister pointed out. The policy and decisions of the Left Front government must be explained in full to the people.


Industries minister Nirupam Sen said that in pursuit of an industrial policy, the Bengal Left Front government emphasised all along the use of modern technology, establishment of production-oriented industries, and the setting up of medium and small ancillary units while keeping the emphasis as before on cottage and small industries. The state Left Front government has adopted a multifaceted and comprehensive policy for accelerating the pace of development of Bengal.


Veteran CPI(M) leader Benoy Konar presided over the state committee meting. Polit Bureau member Jyoti Basu was present.