People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 02

January 14, 2007



CPI(M) Calls For Anti-Terrorism Day On Jan 19


The Assam state committee of the CPI(M) expresses its shock and consternation at the serial killings of innocent people, mostly poor labourers of Hindi speaking Bihari community by the ULFA. The extremist outfit has killed more than 70 people and unleashed reigns of terror in the districts of Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Dhemaji, Sibsagar, Golaghat and elsewhere in the state. The killing spree started on January 5 and the tension still continues. Apart from the heavy death toll, many have been injured and around ten thousand terror-stricken people have been forced to take shelter in refugee camps.


The CPI(M) condemns this cowardly act of savagery and brutality perpetrated by the ULFA. Targeting the poor and innocent labourers of a particular community strikes at the root of democracy and democratic unity of the people of Assam and the country as a whole. The forces of reaction and evil will certainly take advantage of the situation and will try to divide the people on communal and linguistic lines. Already, the saffron brigade has stepped up their aggressive communal campaigns with a design to create tension and division. On the other hand, some other parties are trying to garner political mileage out of the situation without realising the danger and gravity of renewed ULFA offensives.


However, it is heartening to note that all sections of the people, Assamese community in particular, have expressed their abhorrence against such killings and terror tactics. The ULFA should respect the sentiments of the people and shun violence. It should also come forward for direct talks with the government without any pre-condition.


The Assam state committee of the CPI(M) also unequivocally condemns the failure of the state administration in containing the extremist violence. The Congress-led government in Assam has once again proved its incapacity to firmly deal with such terrorist activities and discharge constitutional obligation to protect the lives and property of the people. The state government has also not taken the people and the opposition parties into confidence in dealing with the situation. Till now, the Tarun Gogi government has not even convened a meeting of all political parties to evolve a common stand.


The central government should also come forward to assist the state administration to firmly tackle the violent activities. While demanding strong administrative measures, the CPI(M) reiterates its firm stance that dialogue at the political level is the only way for seeking a permanent solution to the vexed problems of extremism and terrorism. Deployment of army alone will not solve the problem. Instead of issuing provocative statements, the central government must show sincerity and sense of urgency for negotiated settlement. The government should immediately take the initiative to revive the peace-process and start direct talks with the ULFA without pre-conditions.


As part of its campaign against terrorism, the CPI(M) calls upon all sections of the people to observe “Anti-Terrorism Day” on January 19 by holding meetings, processions etc, throughout the state. The party appeals to all peace-loving, democratic and secular forces to mobilise public opinion against all forms of terrorism and extremism.


The CPI(M) also demands adequate compensation to the victims of terrorist violence and proper treatment, relief and rehabilitation of the affected people. The government must provide security and safety to the people.


A Party delegation led by state secretary Uddhab Barman and secretariat members Suprakash Talukdar and Ajit Das has visited the affected areas in upper Assam.Also a parliamentary team of the CPI(M) comprising Amitabh Nandi and Sudhansu Seal has also visited the affected areas. (INN)