People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 02

January 14, 2007

Resolution On Campaign


The All-India Kisan Council expresses strong protest at the fact that the recommendations of the National Commission on farmers chaired by Dr M S Swaminathan have not been implemented. Many of the commissionís recommendations, if implemented, will improve the conditions of farmers and the agricultural sector in general.


These recommendations include the following:

  1. One acre of land should be assigned to every landless household wherever possible

  2. PDS should be universalised

  3. The government should institute a fund on the lines of calamity funds to assist farmers affected by crop losses

  4. The rate to interest on loans should be reduced to four per cent simple interest. Compound interest should not be charged on arrears. Interest on loans in areas hit by drought, flood and heavy pest infestation should be waived

  5. Crop insurance should be expanded to cover the entire country and all crops

  6. The government should create a fund to stabilise price fluctuations

  7. The government should introduce quantitative restrictions on the import of agricultural commodities

  8. The government should undertake a census of farmersí suicides in order to gain a proper understanding and assessment of relief measures

  9. The government should undertake an all India Debt Survey and

  10. The government should form state-level farmers commissions in order to ensure immediate responses to farmers problems.


The government of India instead of implementing these recommendations, has set up six Working Groups to examine the very same issues that have been covered by the commission. This clearly constitutes delaying tactics at a time when the crisis in agrarian sector is growing day by day and the number of suicides by farmers is increasing unabated.