People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 50

December 10, 2006



On SC Verdict On Foreigners (Tribunal For Assam) Order, 2006


The secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) Assam state committee, Uddhab Barman, issued the following statement on December 7, 2006.


THE Supreme Court has struck down the Foreigners (Tribunal for Assam) Order, 2006 that was notified by the central government on February 10, 2006, terming it as unconstitutional. It may be recalled here that the Supreme Court also struck down the IMDT Act through a verdict on July 12, 2005. Naturally the verdict of the Supreme Court has evoked mixed reaction in the state.


The Assam state committee of the CPI(M) has been consistently taking the stand that the process to deport the Bangladeshi citizens who have illegally entered the state after March 24, 1971 should be started. At the same time the Party is also of the opinion that judicial process should be followed in determining the citizenship of a person so that no citizen is unnecessarily harassed. In the context of complicated situation in Assam, both the central and the state government should take necessary steps to protect the civil and democratic rights of Indian minority citizens.


For detection of the foreigners in Assam and also for protection of the Indian citizens, the updating of NRC (National Register of Citizens) on the basis of 1971 voter list is very important. It is reprehensible that the Congress government is grossly neglecting the updating of NRC. The CPI(M) demands the government to complete the task of updating NRC speedily and without any error.


The CPI(M) demands the central government to ensure democratic rights and unity of all citizens both of majority and minority community. Moreover the party calls upon the people to be vigilant against all sorts of divisive activities in the state. (INN)