People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 33

August 13, 2006

Seven Issues That Need To Be Clarified In Parliament

  1. This deal should give "full" access to civilian nuclear technology, lift all existing sanctions on dual use technology imposed on India for not signing the NPT

  2. No restriction on Indian foreign policy to be imposed such as on Iran, irrespective on whether it is in the policy section or in the sense of the house section of the US Congress’ two Bills. In the House Bill it is in the Policy section, but coupled with Presidential reporting and congressional oversight in the Bills, it can always be used for arm-twisting. In any case it is a sovereignty issue.

  3. No signing of IAEA safeguards in perpetuity for the civilian program (unlike other Nuclear weapon states, India has agreed to put its civilian program in perpetuity) till the Congress has approved of a "123 Nuclear Co-Operation Agreement". All restrictions on India to be lifted before we sign the IAEA safeguards. In India's case, the IAEA safeguards are an international agreement and once signed, cannot be changed. The US can amend its laws anytime, and in any case can impose fresh restrictions at the time of the 123 agreement which needs to be passed by the two houses of the congress again. 

  4. Guarantees on fuel as agreed in the March agreement. In case the US reneges on supply of fuel, they will ensure continuity though other members of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). The House Bill asks that the US administration will do the opposite of what was agreed in March, the US should oppose in the NSG any fuel being supplied to India in case fuel supply is suspended by the US.

  5. India will work for a FMCT and for nuclear disarmament for all nuclear weapon states, in line with the Rajiv Gandhi Plan or Delhi Declaration in tandem

  6. In the original deal, no provision for US inspectors, only IAEA inspectors. The Draft Bills contain such provisions.

  7. No Additional Protocol as per IAEA Standard Modified protocol, but an India specific protocol.