People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 33

August 13, 2006

UPA Govt’s Callous Approach 
Towards Peasantry
AIKS Calls For Protest Actions


The following is the text of the statement issued by the president and general secretary of the All India Kisan Sabha on July 28, 2006


THE announcement by the cabinet committee to increase the MSP for paddy by a paltry Rs 10 per quintal is shocking to say the least. While taking this decision, the government has neither considered the increase in the cost of inputs nor the effects of increase in the prices of essential commodities. This displays the callousness with which the government is treating the problems faced by the peasantry.


In the background of reports of continuing suicides by peasants in various parts of the country due to falling incomes and consequent inability to repay loans, a much more responsive approach is called for. Instead, the government had exhibited utmost insensitivity to the problems faced by the peasantry.


The small and marginal peasants who constitute more than 65 per cent of the peasantry and who are more vulnerable to suicides will be very much affected by this neglect of their interests. 


Unwillingness to provide remunerative MSP will encourage distress sales to middlemen, private traders and multinational companies, like it happened in the case of wheat recently. The inadequate MSP offered for wheat led to private traders cornering huge stocks forcing the government to import wheat at a higher price. The procurement by the government has come down. The refusal to learn from this experience will lead to a repetition in the case of paddy also.


Equally shocking is the failure to announce any increase in the MSP for maize, moong, urad and groundnut.


This callous approach of the government to the issues facing the peasantry is deplorable. The All India Kisan Sabha calls upon all its units throughout the country to protest against this attitude of the government.