People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 30

July 23, 2006

Foundation Laid For ‘Anil Biswas Bhavan’ In Howrah


Jyoti Basu laying the foundation. He is flanked by Biman Basu


A BIG rally was held on the laying of the foundation of the new district committee office of the Howrah unit of the CPI(M) recently in downtown Howrah on a large piece of land near an abandoned cinema hall. The office would be named ‘Anil Biswas Bhavan.’


Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M), Jyoti Basu laid the foundation stone. State secretary of the Bengal unit of the CPI(M) and Bengal Left Front chairman, Biman Basu were present as were, among others, Hannan Mollah, central committee member, Dipak Dasgupta, state secretariat member, Sridip Bhattacharya the district secretary of the CPI(M) of Howrah, CPI(M) MP Swadesh Chakraborti, and Gita Biswas wife of the departed CPI(M) leader. Veteran Communist leader Pitababasn Das presided.


Situating the massive win of the Bengal Left Front in the assembly elections, Jyoti Basu said that consistent popular support ensured that the seventh Left Front government was sworn in. Jyoti Basu was of the firm opinion that the win came despite the antithetical ambience that was crafted and built up in the run up to the polls.


The unblemished record of elections being fair and free under Left Front governance was looked away from by the election-related officialdom and what was done was a virtual insult meted out to the people of the state.


The five-phase election, unprecedented and uncalled for, the massive deployment of paramilitary forces, the intimidating behaviour of a small section of the election observers, hundreds of whom were deployed — all this, said Basu was responded to by the Bengal populace who came out in massive numbers and voted solidly for the Bengal Left Front.


Jyoti Basu said that with the additionality of responsibility shifted to the seventh Left Front government through the historic victory, the days to follow must see the LF government surge forward, entwining development with fulmination of struggles.


Biman Basu said that the Communist Party always moved forward looking to the interest of the toiling masses, specially the poor, and the downtrodden. Castigating the recent spurt of anti-reservation ploys, Biman Basu said that one would discern the shadowy presence of the ABVP and the RSS behind the stir. The Left must be prepared to counter these ploys.


Both Jyoti Basu and Biman Basu spoke highly of the contributions made to the Communist cause by the late comrade Anil Biswas and both lamented Comrade Biswas’s untimely demise.


Sridip Bhattacharya noted that an appeal had been issued to the 15 thousand-odd Party members of Howrah to donate each half of their monthly income. On that score Rs 1 crore has already been deposited in the building fund for the Anil Biswas Bhavan. Double that amount is expected to come in over the next few months, and that would cover the cost of construction. The building would be completed within the next 13 – 14 months. The building would boast of a library and a spacious auditorium.