People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 29

July 16, 2006



Unify People, Defeat Terrorists  


THE incendiary terrorist attacks in Srinagar and Mumbai on July 11 have left behind a trial of death, destruction and mayhem. Nearly 200 have died in the serial blasts on the suburban trains in Mumbai. Over 700 are seriously injured. In the serial blasts at Srinagar eight died and over 40 are grievously injured. 


Though nobody has officially claimed the “credit” for these attacks, the intelligence agencies suggest the culpability of terrorist outfits like Lashkar-e-Toiba. Whatever the investigations may finally show, one thing is for sure. This is the handiwork of the enemies of India who do not wish to see the consolidation of the Indian republic and its prosperity. These attacks must receive universal condemnation. The country must rise as one man to meet this challenge to its unity and integrity. 


Instead of doing so, however, the RSS/BJP, as is its wont, is seeking to reap political benefit from this national tragedy. The reactions of its leaders to the effect that these attacks have taken place because of the UPA government’s policies of “minority appeasement” or that if Pota had not been repealed these attacks would not have taken place smacks of their partisan approach at a time when the country should stand united. During the Vajpayee-led NDA government’s rule of six years, many terrorist attacks have taken place. But on each occasion, despite the wide political divergences, everybody stood behind the government in meeting the challenge. Nobody knows this better than Advani. Even when POTA adorned our statue books such attacks took place. During the NDA rule the parliament was attacked, the Red Fort was attacked, the Raghunath temple was attacked twice, the Akshardam terrorist attack claimed many lives etc. Are we to believe that all these attacks took place because of the Vajpayee government’s minority appeasement?  


The RSS/BJP’s efforts to use the tragedy of the terrorist attacks as a window of opportunity for their politics of communal polarisation is indeed ominous for India’s future. As discussed in these columns earlier, the fact remains that in its failed search for identifying reasons for its electoral defeat in 2004, the RSS/BJP has fallen back on deepening communal polarisation as the only way to restore its lost political base. Being intrinsically opposed to champion any issue that will further the people’s interests or improve their livelihood status, the RSS/BJP are resorting to such a diabolic game plan of seeking to reap advantage of such a tragedy. This can only deepen the chasms and pose further threats to our unity and integrity. This cannot be allowed in the interests of India’s future. 


While guarding against such attempts at sharpening communal polarisation, it is imperative that the UPA government must take all necessary measures to beef up internal security. India cannot remain vulnerable to such terrorist attacks. Proper investigations will have to be conducted to identify lapses that may have occurred which could not prevent such attacks and the corrective mechanisms including punishment of the guilty must be speedily realised. This alone would restore the credibility and confidence of the nation.  


The resilience displayed by the people in both Mumbai and Srinagar and the spontaneous expression of humanism at its very best when people, in the absence of the administrative state apparatus, moved to help and assist the victims of these attacks is indeed heart rending. This gives both the hope and the confidence that the terrorists can never succeed in destabilising our social fabric. 


It is of utmost necessity that the people refrain from falling prey to any provocation. It must be borne in mind that minority fundamentalism and majority communalism continuously feed each other. The result in the final analysis is the death and misery for innocent people and the weakening of the unity and integrity of the country. 


While expressing our deep sorrow and indignation, it the bounden duty of all of us to unite in our resolve to isolate and defeat such terrorism.