People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 22

May 28, 2006

CPI(M) Condemns DU Vice Chancellor's Statement


THE CPI(M) Delhi state committee condemned the statement of Professor Deepak Pental, vice chancellor of Delhi University claiming that no increase in seats in Delhi University is possible for at least the next three years. "This statement reflects the latest tactical posturing of anti-reservationists in face of the proposal of the central government to increase seats in higher education to protect the interest of general category students while implementing 27 per cent reservation for OBCs. It also represents obfuscation of facts regarding the potential of increasing seats in Delhi University", stated the CPI(M) in a reaction issued to the media.


The earlier refrain of anti-reservationists was that reservation for OBCs would deprive general category students from availing higher education. The fact that they now oppose reservation even with the provision to increase seats, gives their real game away, felt the Party. For them, the issues involved are neither those of so-called “merit” in abstract of denial of opportunities, which they are today privileged to enjoy. Instead it is upper casteist prejudice that motivates their virulent hate campaign against a small benefit accruing to socially oppressed and backward sections. It is shameful that Professor Pental has lent his voice to this campaign, stated the CPI(M).


Pointing out that Professor Pental’s assertion is not factually credible either, the CPI(M) went on to give the following details:  Delhi University has 79 colleges. Of this 61 are those providing general education. 11 of these 61 colleges run in 2 shifts (morning and evening). There is no reason why the remaining 50 colleges under Delhi University can also do the same. The implementation of these measures will increase seats by at least 30,000 over and above the present 40,000. This will benefit all sections of students, not just the SC/STs and OBCs. The basic infrastructure of buildings, classrooms, playfields etc already exists in these colleges. Whatever little fresh infrastructural additions are needed can be put up in a short time if the government provides the funds. The government provides salaries of teachers and staff. It can also meet the additional expenditure on this head when seats are increased, without in any way burdening Delhi University.


Professor Pental heads a university that has students from different states, linguistic groups and castes. It is expected that he keeps clear from voicing views laden with casteist and elitist prejudices directed against significant numbers of students of the university he heads. That he has chosen do the opposite must be condemned in the strongest possible terms, asserted the CPI(M)