People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 22

May 28, 2006

Bengal LF Has Won More Than 50% Of Votes Polled


B Prasant


WHILE the feeble voice of the opposition and their backers in the media whisper about ‘unknown factors’ and (this is ludicrous) ‘computer-generated hi-tech rigging,’ the electorate of Bengal voting with their heightened consciousness have ensured that the Left Front tally exceeded 50 per cent of the votes polled in the assembly polls.


The percentage of votes polled by Left Front candidates in assembly elections over the years looks like this:


         Year          Vote Polled (%)

1977               45.87 

1982               52.57

1987               52.96

1991               48.82

1996               49.32

2001               48.99

2006               50.24 


Biman Basu, chairman Bengal Left Front and secretary of the Bengal unit of the CPI(M) has commented to say that the results show 50 per cent of the people of Bengal ‘have voted for the Left Front.’  The number includes a great many common people who are also economically disadvantaged.


The effort of the CPI (M) and the Left Front would be to ensure that a bigger unity amongst the mass of the people was built up.  The CPI(M) and the Left Front have to work deeper amidst the people, said Biman Basu. 


In the meanwhile, the Bengal secretariat of the CPI(M) has issued a statement congratulating the democratically-conscious people of Bengal for ensuring that the Left Front won by a big margin over the opposition.


The CPI(M) secretariat has said that the people needed to be felicitated especially for the way they had ignored the blistering heat and had refused to be provoked in any manner while exercising their democratic right to vote.


The state secretariat of the CPI(M) believes that a ‘great many varieties of initiatives were adopted to blacken the image and heritage of Bengal,’ and that the elections ‘had seen the sad development where the people of the state as well as the state administration were attempted to be humiliated.’


The people of Bengal, the CPI(M) secretariat believes have come with a proper response to the attempt made from certain quarters to insult the citizens of Bengal based on shop-soiled and unfounded allegations raised by the opposition.


The big victory, notes the Bengal CPI(M), has put before the Left Front a tough challenge and a big responsibility for emoting a more responsive role, mingling with the mass of the people all the time. Biman Basu has called upon all Party units and all Party workers to appreciate the purport and significance of the electoral triumph and to ensure that every section of the populace got involved in the struggle and development that shall mark the years to come in Bengal.