People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 20

May 14, 2006

CITU Congratulates The People


The CITU secretariat issued the following statement on May 11, 2006


THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions congratulates the toiling people of West Bengal and Kerala for ensuring massive victory of the Left Front and Left Democratic Front respectively in the just concluded assembly elections despite all hurdles created by the Election Commission. It is noteworthy that the Left Front has been voted to power in West Bengal for the seventh consecutive term creating an all time record. The CITU also congratulates the people of Tamilnadu and Assam for electing more number of Left party candidates to the legislative assemblies of the respective states and defeating the BJP and other reactionary forces.


The victory of the Left Front in West Bengal with more than three fourth majority and the Left Democratic Front in Kerala with two third plus of the total seats reflects popular endorsement of the Left Parties forthright stance against the anti people neoliberal economic policies. It is also upheld the pro people and horizontally inclusive development strategy based on empowerment of the toiling people and respect to the right, being pursued by the Left Front Governments in the respective states braving all pangs of neoliberalism imposed by the central policies on the state’s economy. This is also reflects a total rejection of the communal and divisive ploy of communal forces who had also been in the fray.


The victory of the Left forces, while empowering the people of the concerned states to fight for a pro-people alternative, will also strengthen the democratic movement throughout the country to effectively intervene against the anti-people and reactionary trends in the national arena in the matter of economic, social and foreign policy in the days to come.


The CITU heartily greets the leaders and activists of the Left and democratic movements in those states for the magnificent  victory they could secure for the toiling people.