People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 16

April 16, 2006

In Right Earnest Or With Malafide Intention?


Below we reproduce excerpts from the statement issued by the Election Commission following the report submitted by the team sent to look into the matter of raiding of CPI(M) zonal office in Keshpur, Bengal.


AFTER this meeting, Pramanik once again raised the issue of storage of illegal arms with the Observer. When asked, Pramanik did not disclose the addresses of suspected places to the Observer as he feared leakage of information. The Observer then asked Pramanik to meet him at around 4.00 pm at Circuit House and also told SP to arrange for necessary force for conducting the raids.


Pramanik did not disclose the names of suspected places to be raided even to the SP but instead told him that the identifier will show the exact locations where arms have been concealed. Rashid, on reaching Keshpur, informed the SP that the identifier is disclosing names of various party offices. The SP then allowed Rashid to conduct raids at the places shown by the identifier and, thereafter, raid was conducted at Jamshed Bhawan, Zonal Office of the CPI(M).


The team has concluded that actions taken by the Observer were quite correct and there was no fault whatsoever on his part. The allegation that the raid at Jamshed Bhawan, Zonal Office of the CPI(M), was conducted with the help of Central Paramilitary Forces was also not found true as it was conducted by the State/District Armed Police of West Bengal under the charge of Deputy SP deputed by the SP of the district.


The Commission has considered the report and agrees with the findings of the team. The Commission is pained to note that the facts of the case have been distorted and unfounded allegations have been levelled against the Observer who performed his duty correctly and in right earnest.