People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 16

April 16, 2006

70th Year Of Formation Of AIKS Observed


AT the call of 31st national conference of the All India Kisan Sabha, AIKS units across the country observed the 70th anniversary of formation of AIKS on April 11, 2006. Flag hoisting, village meetings, processions etc were organised to propagate the message of the AIKS and the decisions of the 31st all India conference. On this occasion, the AIKS cadres, while analysing the cause of serious agrarian crisis also put forward alternative agricultural policies before the peasantry. It was resolved to continue the broad resistance movement against the anti-people LPG policies of the central government and various non-Left state governments being pursued at the dictates of the WTO.


It may be recalled that on this day i.e. April 11, 1936, All India Kisan Sabha was formed at Lucknow by the anti- imperialist and anti-feudal forces, organisations and individuals who were leading or connected with the peasant movement.


The AIKS would continue this campaign throughout the year, which will culminate on May 10, 2007, the day of the 150th anniversary of the First War of Independence of India. District and state wise jathas will be organised after the monsoon season and kisan jathas from the four corners of the country will culminate in Delhi sometime in October/November. The details of the route and dates will be decided later.


In Delhi, at the headquarters of the All India Kisan Sabha, N K Shukla joint secretary of AIKS, hoisted the flag of the organisation in the presence of Suneet Chopra, joint secretary of All India Agricultural Workers Union and others. (INN)